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ELO in Colour: The Jet Reissues

#1,647: A kind of confluence occurred in the Spring of 1978 as ELO's popularity outside of the United States increased dramatically following the success of their A New World Record and Out Of The Blue albums (and ensuing hit singles) alongside the commencement of their legendary spaceship tour and the transition in distribution of Jet Records from United Artists to CBS. The latter change led to a unique marketing opportunity for Don Arden's Jet Records to not only promote ELO's UK back catalogue from On The Third Day to A New World Record (note that ELO’s first two long players were released via EMI/Harvest in the UK and were therefore out of scope at that time) but also add new impetus to the sales of Out Of The Blue. One thing that Jet did well was making ELO fans aware (or reminding them) of their 1973-1976 back catalogue, namely On The Third Day, Eldorado, Face The Music (amazingly all three records never charted) and A New World Record (UK: #6) either as reissues or with selected album trax as 7" B sides or the Three Light Years (JETBX1) boxed set later that year so the reissue of the aforementioned albums in coloured vinyl (starting with OOTB in late '78 with the others following in Spring '79) was both timely and of huge interest to fans/collectors – especially a 10 year old KJS! The transition was all the more confusing with Jet/UA sleeves initially being stickered with the new Jet/CBS catalogue numbers as was the case with my (rather tatty) first copy of Out Of The Blue (JETDP400/UAR100).
On The Third Day and Eldorado had already been reissued by Jet/UA (UAG30091/UAG30092) following their original release via Warner Bros. Burbank label (K56021/K56090) with Face The Music having seen a similar reissue also via Jet/UA (UAG30034) following an initial early Jet Records outing thru' Polydor (JETLP11) hence with A New World Record (UAG30017/JETLP20) and Out Of The Blue (initially UAR100 via Jet/UA) included, the five coloured vinyl LP's offered by Jet/CBS were instantly collectable and were snapped up by eager fans. On The Third Day (JETLP202) came out in clear vinyl, Eldorado (JETLP203) was issued in yellow (some say gold) vinyl and Face The Music (JETLP201) in green vinyl. A New World Record (JETLP200) came along in red vinyl with Out Of The Blue (JETDP400) obviously in blue vinyl.
Note that other coloured vinyl 7" & 12" records issued in the UK between 1976-1979 included Livin’ Thing (Blue/UP36184) and Mr. Blue Sky (Blue/UP36342) prior to the UA/CBS switch with Wild West Hero (Yellow/SJET12109), Sweet Talkin’ Woman (Purple/SJET121/SJET12121) and Shine A Little Love (White/SJET12144) thereafter. All of these records remain highly treasured by Electric Light Orchestra fans in the UK (and beyond) and can be found regularly (noting that prices can vary from a genuine bargain to the ridiculous so make sure you shop around) on websites such as eBay and Discogs. Yours Truly KJS still looks back fondly on those record collecting days. Did you get the set?

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  1. Always grateful to Patrik Guttenbacher @ FTM Germany for his meticulous ELO history knowledge! KJS@ELOBF