Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Now & Then: ELO's Christmas Chart Double Revisited

#1,642: Just over six years ago, Yours Truly KJS/ELOBF published an article (click here to read) noting the unique UK Christmas album chart double achieved by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) first in 1979 and then repeated by Jeff Lynne's ELO in 2015.

The reason for this brief article is to belatedly report that a similar feat also occurred in 2017 - allbeit within the Top 50 as opposed to the Top 30 - thanx to the success of "Wembley or Bust" and the enduring appeal of "All Over The World" equating to respective chart positions of #29 and #43 respectively during Christmas week that year. Whereas many ELO fans/followers of old will be aware that "A New World Record" and "Out Of The Blue" appeared together in the Top 100 on a few occasons and that ELO/Jeff Lynne enjoyed three albums in the UK Top 10 upon the release of "Long Wave" at #7 and "Mr. Blue Sky" at #8 (again ably supported by "All Over The World" at #10) in October 2012, this writer felt that this further seasonal ELO @ Christmas chart update was somewhat overdue ...
*** Until next "Time" in the ELOBF universe ... 28-Dec-2021 ***

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