Tuesday, 20 July 2021

ELO Engineer Dick Plant Remembers Louis Clark

#1,605: Early ELO engineer Dick Plant kindly dropped a line to Yours Truly KJS earlier this week with some warm words in tribute to Louis Clark. You'll find Dick credited for his engineering skills whilst at London's iconic De Lane Lea Studios on four consecutive Electric Light Orchestra studio albums, namely "On The Third Day", "Eldorado", "Face The Music" and "A New World Record". His comments in response to the ELOBF article "Remembering Louis Clark" are quoted in full below thus:

"I worked with Lou as recording engineer on a regular basis during the '70s on early ELO stuff and also on his Perspektiv album. He was a newcomer to the London studio scene and his complex arrangements were not taken seriously by the session musicians of the time and he was treated disgracefully by them for a while before the penny dropped. I agree that he should have had more composer credits on certain ELO stuff. On more than one occasion, Jeff used Lou's top string line as a main part of a song melody, but Lou was only ever credited as an orchestral arranger. Not fair. Very sad early loss of a great and mega-talented guy." ~ Dick Plant

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  1. This crediting business just reminds me of MY personal quite (that I invented and therefore ©Me), and it goes like this:

    "One man's arrangement is another man's composition."

    So what if you wrote the melody for your words, and the chord sequence underneath? What about all the wonderful and impactful and memorable instrument parts? Did you write that TOO, Mr Singer-Songwriter?