Tuesday, 13 July 2021

ELO: Non-Charting UK Compilations

#1,602: In recent ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) articles, Yours Truly KJS has taken a look at not only the release dates of most ELO single and album releases but also their chart performances on either side of the Atlantic, be they original studio recordings or compilations (see links below for further info). The Electric Light Orchestra are renowned for the plethora of compilations issued down the years, particularly due to their many familiar hit singles. A promise was made within my post "Another Chart Breaks: ELO's UK & US Compilations Ranked" to look at ELO's non-charting UK compilations hence this article which is actually a delve into my collection hence apologies if I've missed any out!

Of the fourteen records listed, the first five are vinyl starting with 1974's "Showdown" with the remainder in CD format. What's particularly noteworthy is that 9/14 are EMI releases chronicling ELO's early career on the famous Harvest label betwixt 1971-1973 not forgetting that there are not a few more EMI releases out there that include Roy Wood & Wizzard too! This writer has always found it puzzling that "Ticket To The Moon" (the 2007 follow-up to 2005's bestselling "All Over The World") did not dent the charts at all. It was the same in 1992 with "ELO's Greatest Hits Volume Two" although not so surprising being as it was marketed under Sony's Nice Price banner. Another non-charter was 2011's "Essential Electric Light Orchestra" collection perhaps because it was largely similar to 1997's "Light Years" in content. Also on the list is 2000's 3CD career overview "Flashback" (reissued in 2010) which remains a fan favourite although aimed more at ELO's avid followers and collectors rather than casual fans. Even now, this writer still has a soft spot for Tellydisc's fabtastic 2LP "The Best of ELO" replete with wonderful artwork and originally a 1981 mail order only release which somehow found its way into certain record shop shelves for which I remain eternally grateful to Sundown Records in Wolverhampton for reserving me a copy!
For a comprehensive worldwide discography of all Electric Light Orchestra compilation albums from 1974 to 2016 go to my good friend Matt McGough's excellent ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA ELO ALBUMS site at: www.eloalbums.co.uk/world-compilations

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