Friday, 16 July 2021

Cassette Corner: Three Light Years & Four Light Years Unboxed

JETTX1: Three Light Years
#1,603: Whilst Electric Light Orchestra (& related artistes) vinyl/CD releases are a regular topic of the many ELOBF posts published down the years, one subject never really covered by Yours Truly KJS is the plethora of cassette (MC) releases that have accompanied most ELO records from their inception (in most cases) up until the mid 1990's. Expect to read future KJS/ELOBF articles on that subject soon!

Two tape releases that kinda slipped under the radar at the time due to my focus on the boxed sets "Three Light Years" (#JETBX1) and "Four Light Years" (#JETBX2) were the commensurate twin cassette versions (#JETTX1 & #JETTX2 respectively). Whilst the 3LP & 4LP vinyl editions transposed the original album trax, the cassettes were somewhat cut and spliced to make the best use of the available tape capacity. "Eldorado" was cut in half for TLY whilst a rearranged "Out Of The Blue" saw "Jungle" moved to follow "Wild West Hero" and "The Whale" relocated after "Steppin' Out" on tape #1 of FLY. The running order of "A New World Record" on tape #2 similarly saw "Shangri-La" inserted after "Mission (A World Record)" with "Telephone Line" moved to the finale whereas "Discovery" was untouched. For those familar with ANWR & OOTB, listening to "Four Light Years" on tape must've been literally out of this world!
JETTX2: Four Light Years
"It's interesting that both cassette sets state the copyright as ©1980 but were not released until April 1981 in the UK only." ~ Patrik Guttenbacher

With thanx to my good friend Patrik Guttenbacher at Face The Music Germany for some images included within this article.
The remnant of the KJS/ELOBF cassette collection ...
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    1. HiYa Mark! If my memory serves me well, I had "Time" (JETCA236) on tape and "Perfect World of Music" (1985) plus three ELO Part II albums ("Electric Light Orchestra Part Two", "Moment of Truth" & "Best of - Live"). My focus was very much on vinyl ... and still is! KJS@elobf