Monday, 28 June 2021

ELO Part II: Renaissance Reissues Update

#1,598: Further to the previous KJS/ELOBF article entitled "Vinyl Renaissance for ELO Part II Albums" back on Monday 22nd February concerning the forthcoming vinyl (and CD) reissues of the ELO Part II studio albums "Electric Light Orchestra Part Two" and "Moment of Truth" via US based Renaissance Records, Yours Truly KJS can now confirm that both expanded/remastered albums are now available to order in CD format with the vinyl editions due out on Monday 27th September and Monday 11th October respectively, at the time of writing.

"Electric Light Orchestra Part Two" replicates the original 1991 album with 10 songs whereas the expanded and remastered 30th anniversary CD includes seven additional trax including "Love For Sale" (sure to please fans and family of Pete Haycock), the single edit of "Honest Men" and five live recordings amongst which is "Blackberry Way" making a welcome connection with Roy Wood and Electric Light Orchestra progenitors The Move. Pricing: $16.99 (CD) and/or $24.99 (1LP) plus shipping.
Also available from Renaissance Records: "Kelly" (CD only)
The 2021 issue of "Moment of Truth" sees both the new CD and 2LP expanded and remastered editions supplant the original 18 songs from the 1994 album with six additional trax featuring the radio edits of "Power Of A Million Lights" and "Breakin' Down The Walls" plus four demos including the previously unreleased "Local Hero" and "Rain Down Fire". The vinyl debut of "Moment of Truth" is welcome and long overdue, especially as a double album. Pricing: $16.99 (CD) and/or $37.99 (2LP) plus shipping.

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elobeatlesforever (elobf) recommends "Electric Light Orchestra Part Two" (CD/1GLP) and "Moment of Truth" (CD/2LP) by ELO Part II released by Renaissance Records to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of Jeff LynneELORoy WoodThe MoveThe Idle Race'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

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  1. Renaissance Records screw up sound in many a reissue before. I do not trust them. Remember Kelly's solo album? Yes, they "remastered" that one.

    1. HiYa Mr. T! I've a higher degree of confidence with these releases as Eric Troyer is directly involved in this project ... KJS@elobf

    2. Then PERHAPS I will get Moment of Truth (first record+it's b-side I already have). And I will have 2 moments of truth.