Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Electric Light Orchestra: Out of the Blue in 2CD Mode

#1,596: ELO fans of old lovingly remember buying their copies of "Out Of The Blue" in all of its double album glory replete with poster and cut-out spaceship. Whether it was the original Jet/UA issue (#UAR100) or the ensuing Jet/CBS (some in blue vinyl) issue (#JETDP400) or the later Epic reissue (#4508851), OOTB is recognized by many as a two disc set until the advent of the compact disc saw it compressed onto the familiar single disc releases (Epic #4508852, Epic #MILLEN3, Legacy #88697053232 et al) that many fans are familiar with today.
However, there is an exception to the above overview in that early Dutch CD issues (circa 1986-87) of the Jeff Lynne penned Electric Light Orchestra seminal classic (originally released in October 1977) were released as a 2CD set (surprisingly) under the Jet label (CDJET400 /JETCD400) in what is still commonly referred to as a Fatbox case. Completist collectors doubtless already possess this rather rare edition with copies still doing the rounds on eBay and/or Discogs starting from £50 upwards at the time of writing!
An advantage surely of owning the 2CD set was that you could play "Concerto For A Rainy Day" by playing the second disc rather than fiddling around for track #10 on the 1CD version! It's also interesting to note that early pressings of the single disc issue (see above) made a point of stating it was a "2-RECORD SET ON 1 COMPACT DISC". In any case, those currently in possession a 2CD copy of "Out Of The Blue" are definitely sitting on a wise investment in Yours Truly 2021! "Do Ya" own a copy?

Until next "Time" in the ELOBF universe ... KJS ... 22-June-2021


  1. Love the album apart from Mr Bloody Blue Sky, Jeff wrote so many better songs than that, I've always hated it right from the off xx

  2. That last comment had no taste.i love the whole album.

  3. Best album ever made i think 🙂👍🏻👏👏

  4. The double CDs were actually manufactured by CBS/Sony in Japan for the UK/Europe market and put into the "fatbox" with the inlay & booklet in Holland.
    CDs cat code is "JETCD400" & the the fatbox cat code is "CDJET400"

    There is also a single CD issue of with cat code JETCD400, one issue made in Japan and a later issue made in Austria, both for the UK/Europe market.

    I believe that the "2-RECORD SET ON 1 COMPACT DISC" was only printed on USA (ZGK 35530) and South African (CDCOL 3660 S) issued booklets fronts.

  5. I used to own that 2CD. Gave it to a friend after I got the single disc later on �� He still has it.

  6. I will probably go for 1 disk release, to save money.

  7. Out of the blue is one of the greatest albums in history