Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Nobody's Angel: Miss B Haven, Jeff Lynne & The Warwickshire Warblers

#1,580: Perhaps the biggest surprise of Jeff Lynne's post-Electric Light Orchestra production career to date was his involvement with the Danish all female quartet Miss B Haven for a trio of songs on their 1990 album "Nobody's Angel" (UK: EastWest WX334). Their aforementioned long player comprised ten trax and was dominated by eight Lise Cabble penned songs, the others being a co-write with drummer Mette Mathiesen and a cover of the Steve Harley classic "Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)".

The songs produced by the ELO maestro were "You're Wrong" and "Sand In My Eyes" together with the title track (also released as a single) "Nobody's Angel" (UK: EastWest YZ490) with Jeff contributing keyboards, backing vox and guitars ensuring a familiar feel to Lise's compositions and vocal talents. Miss B Haven were active for eleven years from 1986-1997 and were Lise Cabble (lead vox)Anne Vig Skoven (guitar/bvox), Lene Eriksen (bass/bvox) and Mette Mathiesen (drums/bvox). Interestingly, you'll find Mette credited with drums/percussion for most of Jeff Lynne's "Armchair Theatre" album! She was also a member of The Warwickshire Warblers alongside Dave Scott-Morgan, Jake Commander, Phil Hatton, Richard and Sheila Tandy on "Blown Away".
"Nobody's Angel" remains a listenable if not enjoyable record and, despite it not troubling the charts, it's still a welcome addition to many ELO related collections. Yours Truly KJS/ELOBF recommend that you visit Ken Stavensoe Nielsen's fabtastic website at: www.10538overture.dk &/or read his excellent Miss B Haven overview therein.

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  1. I have heard rumors over the years that perhaps Jeff and Mette were a thing?

  2. Hi Damien ... Quite possibly with a certain Rosie Vela not so far behind! ... KJS@elobf

  3. There is an extremely rare EXTENDED REMIX of "Nobody´s Angel" (6:55) produced & remixed by Jeff, published in 45 rpm MAXISINGLE format. A picture of my copy here: https://ibb.co/RgTdBj9

    REF: 9031-71728-0, YZ 490 T, EAST WEST (LC 1557)