Sunday, 4 April 2021

Let It Shine A Little Love: Brian Wilson with Jeff Lynne

#1,579: Regular visitors to ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) would have hopefully enjoyed reading up in several recent articles about the songwriting, producing and solo activities of ELO maestro Jeff Lynne outside of his Electric Light Orchestra duties from 1978 with Helen Reddy to Duane Eddy in 1987 - the year (of course) in which his post-ELO production success in the afterglow of "Balance Of Power" truly took off with his work on George Harrison's "Cloud Nine" album. It was a year that also gave Jeff the opportunity to spend some time collaborating with another of his musical heroes: Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson in sunny California.

The co-written and co-produced anthem "Let It Shine" was the result of time Brian and Jeff spent together and it remains a fascinating musical fusion that ELO and Beach Boys fans still enjoy as an integral component of Brian's eponymously titled solo album (UK: Sire WX157). The liner notes for the expanded CD edition in 2000 recall that the song was essentially in the bag before Brian added his trademark lead and a cappella vocals. Yours Truly KJS will leave the final word on "Let It Shine" with Jeff taken from this 2015 interview for MoJo:

"I hadn't known him at all, but Brian asked me if I wanted to write a song and produce it with him. "Yes, please - I'd love to!" I went to his house in Malibu and wrote it with him right by the seashore; his place was only a couple steps from the sea. Him playing piano and me strumming guitar and we came up with the song "Let It Shine". Anyway, we got to the session and I played lots of the instruments: bass and rhythm guitar and keyboard, and he did some keyboard, and we co-produced. Despite our production backgrounds, there wasn't a lot on it actually. It's a nice tight-sounding record." (Jeff Lynne, Mojo magazine issue #265, December 2015)

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  1. So glad I got to see Brian perform live at Brum Symphony Hall in 2016! KJS@ELOBF