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Livin' Twang: Duane Eddy with Jeff Lynne

#1,576: In recent KJS/ELOBF articles, readers will have noticed a focus on artistes who worked with Jeff Lynne whilst he was winding down his Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) duties and crossing paths musically with Dave Edmunds, The Everly Brothers, Agnetha Fältskog and (earlier) Helen Reddy. Mention the name Duane Eddy and many folks will call to mind tunes such as "Peter Gunn" or "Cannonball" or "Because They're Young" or another one of his many worldwide hit singles or albums, primarily in the late 50's and early 60's.

Most fans and followers of Jeff Lynne will doubtless be aware of his growing association with George Harrison following the dissolution of ELO in 1986 after the "Balance Of Power" promotion campaign had ended. They will point to the release of "Cloud Nine" in November 1987 as Lynne's breakthrough post-ELO production collaboration in terms of chart and commercial success but they may be unaware that he was also contributed three trax to none other than legendary twanger Duane Eddy's eponymously titled album in the same year. 

The ELO maestro found himself teaming up with George Harrison (again) for two songs as well as future Traveling Wilburys drummer Jim Keltner, saxophonist Jim Horn and his preferred engineer Richard Dodd for the instrumentals "Theme For Something Really Important""Rockabilly Rebel" (both written by Jeff) and "The Trembler" (an interesting song title being as The Traveling Wilburys were conceived as The Trembling Wilburys before they opted for the latter name per Jeff's suggestion) with "Rockabilly Rebel" also chosen as the flip side of US single "Spies" (Capitol Records B-44018). Unfortunately, "Duane Eddy" (UK: Capitol Records EST2034; US: ST-12567) failed to trouble the charts yet it still remains both an enjoyable listen and an essential collection item for fans of both Duane Eddy and ELO/Jeff Lynne.

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  1. The only thing this """young""" man knows about Peter Gunn, is that I own an album with a solo guitar cover of the theme.