Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Jeff Lynne: Electric Dreams Revisited

#1,573: Being as the previous trio of elobeatlesforever (elobf) articles featured the mid-eighties collaborations of Jeff Lynne with Dave Edmunds, The Everly Brothers and Agnetha F√§ltskog, an elobf overview is well overdue of what is the most well known outing of the ELO maestro at that time as he formally recommenced his solo career (having recorded a medley of "With A Little Help From My Friends"/"Nowhere Man" for the "All This And World War II" soundtrack in 1976 and launched debut solo single "Doin' That Crazy Thing" b/w "Goin' Down To Rio" in 1977) whilst the Electric Light Orchestra took a break following the release of "Secret Messages" in 1983 and drummer Bev Bevan was off touring with close pal Tony Iommi, Ian Gillan and Black Sabbath.
Following on from the immense success of ELO's contribution to the "Xanadu" OST in 1980, it was no surprise that a further opportunity arose in 1984 for Jeff to write and produce songs for the aptly named movie "Electric Dreams" - an atypical 80's film about an love triangle between a boy, a girl and a computer named Edgar that Yours Truly KJS actually went to see twice at the ABC cinema in Wolverhampton! Three trax were developed with long time ELO keyboard cohort Richard Tandy for the project ensuring interest from fans and collectors alike.
"Video!" backed by "Sooner Or Later" (UK: Virgin VS695) was released as lead single in June 1984 famously including, in part, the chorus from the unreleased "Beatles Forever" (need we say more?) and managed a modest #84 in the UK and #85 in the US Billboard 100. The "Electric Dreams" soundtrack (UK: Virgin V2318) peaked at #46 and also included the up tempo "Let It Run" (reputed to have also been lined up as a single should "Video!" have fared better). All three songs retained an ELOesque feel reflecting Jeff's preference for a more synthesized sound and would undoubtedly have been at home on either the "Secret Messages" or "Balance Of Power" albums.
Four singles followed on after "Video!" including "Together In Electric Dreams" by Giorgio Moroder with Phil Oakey (of Human League fame) which was beaten to top spot by "Freedom" (Wham!) and "No More Lonely Nights" (Paul McCartney) during October later that year. "Electric Dreams" is currently available to buy in both DVD and Blu-ray formats from reputable vendors.


  1. Jeff Lynne's often overlooked contribution to the Electric Dreams OST! KJS@ELOBF

  2. 'Video' is a massively underappreciated track. One of Jeff's finest IMHO.