Thursday, 25 March 2021

Jeff Lynne Songs: Poor Little Fool (Helen Reddy)

#1,575: If ever there were a record that you'd say was the best Jeff Lynne penned song that ELO never recorded, then surely it must be Helen Reddy's wonderful cut of "Poor Little Fool" from her 1978 album "We'll Sing In The Sunshine". Released as a single (Capitol Records #CL16007) in the UK (which sadly failed to chart) and although neither produced by the Electric Light Orchestra maestro or arranged by Jeff, Richard Tandy or Louis Clark, it's a track replete with familiar Lynne lyrics that oozes the classic ELO sound of the time and would undoubtedly have been at home on either "A New World Record", "Out Of The Blue" or "Discovery" in the opinion of KJS/ELOBF.

My good friend Mark Manley kindly reminded this writer today that during the live version of "Poor Little Fool" found on her "Live In London" (1977) double album, Helen actually remarks in the recording that "this is a song written by my friend Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra". Undoubtedly, "Poor Little Fool" manages to both reflect the iconic songwriting traits of Jeff Lynne whilst also showcasing the immense vocal talents of Helen Reddy. Perhaps the title of her fifth studio album "Love Song For Jeffrey" (1974) was almost prophetic in advance gratitude for this great song that would later be generously gifted to her by the Brummie legend. Helen Reddy sadly passed away last year on Tuesday 29th September, just a month or so shy of her 69th birthday.

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  1. The musical career of Helen Reddy is well worth investigating! KJS@ELOBF