Saturday, 23 January 2021

Flashback Thoughts

#1,561: The release of ELO's 3CD set "Flashback" in 2000 was an important step in the relaunch of the Electric Light Orchestra some fourteen years after their formal dissolution in 1986 and a full decade since "Afterglow" excited loyal fans in 1990. Having purchased Bev Bevan's equal share in the ELO rights in 1999 and the co-founders ensuing if not abrupt departure from ELO Part II, "Flashback" (Epic/Legacy #5009312) was the first real evidence of Jeff Lynne's renewed commitment to the ELO brand and was followed a year later with the 2CD "Ultimate Collection" (Sony #STVCD126) compilation and, of course, the arrival of "Zoom" (Epic #5025002) in 2001.
"Flashback" was a relative treasure trove of ELO/Jeff Lynne material at the time comprising (as it did) 53 trax including nine "previously unreleased" songs (including the re-recording of "Xanadu"), three alternative edits and the debut of "After All" on CD. Alongside "Afterglow" (Epic Associated #Z3K46090), it would be true to say that "Flashback" bookended the nineties perfectly with ELO Part II doing a great job in keeping ELO's music accessible if not predominantly live during the intervening years.
A repackaged and compacted (physically) "Flashback" (Epic/Legacy #88697807792) was reissued in 2010 suitably edited with those "previously unreleased" tags removed ensuring that certain completist collectors and ELOnoraks bought both editions!

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