Saturday, 31 October 2020

Treasured ELO Memories

#1,543: Earlier this year you may remember that my mother Beryl Lilian Sinclair passed away in March and Yours Truly KJS wrote this elobf article in memory of her influence on me in terms of not only my early interest in records but also the first inklings of a lifelong association with the Magnificent Seven who were the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and by extension Roy Wood, The Move and Wizzard.
The Magnificent Seven: ELO's classic line-up
It was during a visit to see my parents last year that whilst having a rummage through some dusty drawers that this writer (if you'll excuse the pun) discovered an early KJS artifact that evidenced my attraction to all things ELO: a blue badge scratched with a certain trio of letters. For some reason I was reminded of that badge this week. Memories of posters from the "Out Of The Blue" and "Discovery" albums pockmarked with drawing pin holes and my treasured old red 7" record box festooned on both ends with not one but two great big ELO stickers from the "Confusion"/"Last Train To London" AA sided single (Jet/CBS #JET166) also came to mind. Which leads me to ask you this question:

What are your most treasured ELO memories?

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