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ELO Beatles Together: Daytripper

#1,538: Much has been written and mused by Yours Truly KJS via ELO Beatles Forever (elobf) down the years regarding the original inclusion and latter exclusion of "Beatles Forever" from ELO's enigmatic "Secret Messages" album since we began this journey back in February 2009 here. The relationship, both direct and indirect, between ELO maestro Jeff Lynne and all four Beatles - John, Paul, George and Ringo - both individually and corporately has also been a regular topic of discussion.

Yet, aside from ELO's moving live tribute to John Lennon comprising "Imagine", "Nowhere Man", "Across The Universe" and "A Day In The Life" in the aftermath of his assassination during the 1981/82 "Time" tour, recorded versions of Beatles tunes by Birmingham's finest is limited to various live renditions of "Daytripper" (with a slight lyrical deviation) not forgetting that they followed The Fab Four in covering the Chuck Berry classic "Roll Over Beethoven" on record (Harvest HAR5063) and stage whilst clean audio cuts of the aforementioned "Beatles Forever" can also be found in certain circles, apparently.
elobf archive: The original German press release for ELO's "Daytripper" single
Returning to the subject of "Daytripper", many ELO fans and followers will no doubt be aware that this famous Lennon/McCartney track is included in their live LP "The Night The Light Went On (In Long Beach)", a gatefold album released in 1974 in Germany (Warner Bros. WB56058), France, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa before being belatedly issued in the UK (Epic EPC32700) during 1985 and in CD format thirteen (13) years later in 1998 (Epic 4911032).

Perhaps less well known is the fact that "Daytripper" was also released as an edited single in Germany (Warner Bros. WB16456) replete with picture sleeve and backed by the (edited) instrumental "Daybreaker", also taken from the same live long player and ELO's previous studio album "On The Third Day" (Burbank K56021). It's interesting to note that "Daybreaker (Live)" also ended up as the flip side of the non-charting 1975 UK single "Nightrider" (Jet/Polydor JET769).
To conclude: "Daytripper" b/w "Daybreaker" remains a rather rare 7" and is still an essential capture for collectors of Electric Light Orchestra and Beatles related vinyl. ELO Beatles Together, indeed ...

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  1. First time I heard Daytripper was with a solo guitar cover by Steven King.

    1. HiYa Mister Twister! If my memory serves me correctly, the first time that I heard Daytripper was a version sung by Lulu on the Arcade 2LP "Superstars Tribute to The Beatles" that my mom bought from Woollies which I think came out in 1976! Happier days indeed! ... KJS@elobf