Friday, 25 September 2020

Jeff Lynne at Abbey Road Studios?

#1,532: Yours Truly KJS and elobeatlesforever (elobf) are back after a six (6) month break mostly due to a startling occurrence on one of my fave radio shows - The Richie Allen Show - on Thursday 24th September wherein after premiering his first ever record/single: "You're Sticking No Vax In Me", the affable Manchester based DJ stated that the song - recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London - was "produced by Jeff Lynne of Jeff Lynne's ELO".

If true this, of course, suggests that the ELO maestro is back in the UK at present tweaking his next project(s). You can hear the song and the story behind it between 2:27 and 6:48 by clicking below thus ..


*** Until next "Time" in the elobf Universe ... KJS ... 25-Sep-2020 ***


  1. Checking it's not 1 April... this hasn't been 'produced' at all!

  2. Dear Anonymous ... "It's great to see you once again!" ... Thank you for your kind words! Look out for more new elobf articles to keep you occupied during this fake plandemic! ... KJS@elobf

  3. Harmless fun and I'm guessing that the article didn't matter that much to Keith, just the nugget that ''Jeff was back in the UK'' that he found slightly interesting.