Thursday, 19 March 2020

Time for an Expanded Xanadu?

#1,529: Many fans will be aware that ELO's studio albums between 1971 and 1986 have all been reissued, remastered &/or expanded to the max save for their five song contribution to the "Xanadu" original soundtrack album (UK: #JETLX526; US: MCA-6100), alongside a quintet of Olivia Newton-John songs, which peaked at #2 in the Official UK Album Chart back in August 1980. Now that the 40th anniversary of "Xanadu" is fast approaching, this writer is of the opinion that an expanded CD (and vinyl) edition is long overdue bearing in mind that the original gatefold LP produced an impressive six Top 40 hits in the UK alone including, of course, a certain #1 single ...
Aside from the familiar ten songs spread over its ELO and ONJ sides, there are a number of other trax that could be included in an expanded "Xanadu" including "Drum Dreams" ('B' side to "I'm Alive"; #JET179), "Fool Country" ('B' side to "Xanadu"; #JET185), "You Made Me Love You" ('B' side to "Suddenly; #JET7002) and the enigmatic "Xanadu Overture" (sometimes referred to as "Xanadu Reprise") as heard in the film finale. You could even add Jeff Lynne's re-recorded version for "Flashback" in 2000 for good measure meaning that up to fifteen trax could be squeezed onto an updated release thus ...

(1) "I'm Alive" (ELO) ~ (2) "The Fall" (ELO) ~ (3) "Don't Walk Away" (ELO) ~ (4) "All Over The World" (ELO) ~ (5) "Xanadu" (ELO/ONJ) ~ (6) "Magic" (ONJ) ~ (7) "Suddenly" (ONJ/Harry Webb) ~ (8) "Dancin'" (ONJ/The Tubes) ~ (9) "Suspended In Time" (ONJ) ~ (10) "Whenever You're Away From Me" (ONJ/Gene Kelly) ~ (11) "Drum Dreams" (ELO) ~ (12) "Fool Country" (ONJ) ~ (13) "You Made Me Love You" (ONJ) ~ (14) "Xanadu Overture"/"Xanadu Reprise" (ELO) ~ (16) "Xanadu" (2000 version)
Photograph courtesy of Bev Bevan. Used with permission.
Undoubtedly, it would be interesting to gauge whether there is enough interest in both the Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra fan bases for Universal &/or Sony to put together an attractive commercial package, the only potential obstacle being that the OST was originally a joint Jet/MCA release in the UK/Europe but MCA elsewhere. Yours Truly KJS/ELOBF would like to know if you would welcome an expanded, remastered "Xanadu" release. Thoughts?

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  1. Would love to see this and for it to also include the original score from the film, there is basically not a bad song on this brilliant album. Coloured Vinyl and/or a picture disc for the 40th Anniversary would seem a no-brainer as between ONJ/ELO/Cliff Richard/Gene Kelly/The Tubes I am sure there are enough collectors out there to make this a valid option.

  2. I would certainly welcome a new expanded Xanadu, with expanded booklet notes, along these lines for one. Good thinking!

  3. Every time someone puts "ELO" and "remaster" in the same sentence, I am reminded of the horrors of 2001-2003 compressed efforts...... thanks, Sony.

  4. Yes yes and yes! I'm in America! Hope it gets here!

  5. Yes this needs to happen.

  6. We XanaDU need this to happen as a double LP with Fool/Country, You Made Me Love You, Drum Dreams and also the film score by Barry De Vorzon - blue vinyl for one LP and Purple vinyl for the other for the 40th Xanaversary.

    1. Hi Soulkizzer.

      I have only just seen your posting about XanaDU - Xanaversary.
      It is a Fantastic idea Especially Blue Vinyl for ELO & Purple Vinyl
      for ONJ.
      Perhaps Cherry Red Records could
      Do it.


  7. We XanaDU need this to happen with Fool/Country, You Made Me Love You. Drum Dreams and the score by Barry De Vorzon on a two LP set with Purple Vinyl for one and Blue Vinyl for the other for the 40th Xanaversary...

  8. I most certainly would (I like ELO but am a huge ONJ fan!). I’m also keen for a re-release of the film with outtakes/different scenes etc

  9. Oh oui j'aimerai bien une édition spéciale de Xanadu surtout en cd avec tous les morceaux cités. De même je me demande si il serait possible de publier l'intégrale ou presque de la bande son du film comme le duo avec Gene Kelly (avec les claquettes) ou encore cette petite musique qu'on entend lorsque Sony Malone cherche à s'introduire dans l'entrepôt.

  10. This needs to happen , with a stellar line up ONJ,ELO Gene Kelly, Cliff ,the Tubes this would be massive

  11. As long as its not another back to black mp3 on vinyl