Friday, 13 March 2020

Remembering Beryl Sinclair: My Mother, Music & Me

#1,527: These words are difficult to write. My mom Beryl Sinclair passed away last weekend hence the pause in new elobf articles. Whilst others have quite rightly posted their photos and memories via social media and expressed their grief in their own way, Yours Truly KJS wanted to pause for thought and remember her influence on me, specifically how I developed such a love for music in general and later, of course, the music of all things Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) et al.

The truth is that even before I bought my first record "Turn To Stone" in November 1977 at the age of ten, my mother had inadvertently seeded me with an ELOve! I recall vividly that she used to do the weekly shop in Wolverhampton town centre and occasionally brought home pristine copies of "Hot Hits" or "Top Of The Pops" from Woolworths. The amazing thing is that I used to play them on the family record player (and later my own modified Dansette). I still fondly remember taking a particular liking to a version of "10538 Overture" on the "Hot Hits XIII" (#MFP50041) album and later "Evil Woman" on the "Top Of The Pops 50th Special Edition" (#SHM935) LP. So perhaps it was not a surprise that I would eventually latch onto a lifelong love of ELO and be writing these words.

Later, I would go on to buy "A New World Record" (#UAG30017) from her catalogue for 18p a week (over 20 weeks) before my mum bought me "Three Light Years" (#JETBX1) and "ELO's Greatest Hits" (#JETLX525) as Christmas presents in 1978 and 1979 respectively. All of which I still treasure as you can see in the above photo montage.

Grief is hard to express in mere words. My mother was a beautiful, kind, generous and loving lady. She was and is an integral part of my life: past, present and yet future. You would not be reading these words but for her, hence this tribute.

In memory of Beryl Lilian Sinclair
Tuesday 6th July 1937 ~ Sunday 8th March 2020

*** Keith James Sinclair ... 13-March-2020 ***


  1. Condolences my friend. Thinking of you .

  2. Condolences Keith and family. Hard times to get over but attempt to keep smiling

  3. Heartfelt condolences to all the family

  4. I'm sorry for your loss, my friend. Receive my condolences along with a big hug. She will be with you always.

  5. Beautiful words in memory of a beautiful lady. I will remember you mom foundly. God bless Beryl. Love you you and all your family xxx

  6. What a lovely way to remember your mum .My own Mother passed away in summer last year so I understand how hard it is to verbalise how you feel. Like your mum, mine had a profound effect on my musical upbringing, it truly shaped who i am, as did yours. We are very lucky to have had that positive effect on our lives. Keep that memory going, she is very proud of you. Best wishes Alex.

  7. So very sorry to hear my friend. My sincere condolences.

  8. Our condolences.Conny and Thomas

  9. It's frankly impossible to feel bad for someone you never knew. So I will not bring in any fakeness from myself.

    I will, however, contribute with something worth reading. A mini-story if you wish. I was born with love for certain types of music (less about genre, more about feel, though atmospheric 80s electronica would fit the bill), like most normal people, limited taste. My uncle, however, supplemented my musical tastes with classic rock, blues, jazz, and jazz rock. Pat Metheny (in the end of the day, I only like 2 albums from him now, ain't nothing wrong with that), Bireli Lagrene (similar thing, only like 1 album now). What REALLY stuck with me however, was a-ha and ELO. Classic blues-inspired progressive-ish rock is something I got into thanks to my uncle. And from ELO, I of course got into Roy Wood.

    Stranger was my super favourite song for many years, and still is. It takes me (and you, be honest) to a distant place, a certain time of day, a certain feel. A song that takes you away is a song that succeeds at what half songs should do anyway. Good work, Jeff.