Friday, 31 January 2020

TA7090: A Matter of Alternative Lyrics

#1,517: In covering the withdrawal of "Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)" as the 'B' side of Electric Light Orchestra's "Roll Over Beethoven" (Harvest HAR5063) single, our previous elobeatlesforever (elobf) article (click here to read) reminded Yours Truly KJS of a couple of other oddities when it comes to ELO flip sides.

The first was the use of the instrumental "Drum Dreams" twice as a 'B' side for two singles culled from the "Xanadu" soundtrack in "I'm Alive" (UK/US) and "All Over The World" (US) as featured in this 2015 elobf article.

The second was to be found on the reverse side of ELO's 1986 UK 12" single for "So Serious" (Epic TA7090). Whereas "Endless Lies" was selected to back "So Serious" (CBS Associated ZS4 05892) in the States, a previously unreleased track: "Matter Of Fact" was chosen for the UK issue. Sounding not unlike "Sooner Or Later" (the 'B' side of Jeff Lynne's 1984 solo single "Video!"), fans and collectors were surprised to find two versions of the same song when listening to the 12" single with two different sets of lyrics on offer, a first for ELO in terms of official releases at that time - not forgetting a certain pselling mitsake.

Hence, as a "Matter Of Fact", whether they're withdrawn, doubled up, contain alternative lyrics, are previously unreleased or are legacy album trax, ELO's numerous 'B' sides are often just as interesting as those more illustrious, well known ELO 'A' side hit headliners ...

*** Until next "Time" in the ELOBF Universe ... KJS ... 31-Jan-2020 ***