Saturday, 11 January 2020

Another Chart Breaks: From Out Of Nowhere

#1,512: After dropping a whopping 70 places to #98 last week, Jeff Lynne's ELO former #1 album "From Out Of Nowhere" duly exited the UK Official Albums Chart Top 100 today following a modest nine week chart run. The charts these days are somewhat different to their 20th century predecessors owing to the inclusion of digital downloads and streaming data as well as there being whole new generation or two of music buying general public so how do we gauge the performance of FOON?

Yours Truly KJS thought that it would be therefore interesting to look at how new Jeff Lynne/ELO releases (excluding compilations) have done in the 21st century relative to each other. Looking at the table below as compiled by elobf, the least successful release in terms of peak position was "Zoom"  and, obviously, "From Out Of Nowhere" was best placed. It's also noteworthy that "Alone In The Universe" stayed in the chart practically twice as long as the chart topping FOON and is likely the most commercially successful. The resurgence in the popularity of Jeff Lynne and the music of the Electric Light Orchestra is underlined by the fact that five of the six albums in question including "Long Wave", "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Wembley Or Bust" all made the UK Top 10.

So how did "From Out Of Nowhere" do? In the opinion of this writer, it was a return to form, a hit but not a bestseller.
*** Until next "Time" in the ELOBF Universe ... KJS ... 11-Jan-2020 ***


  1. hi Keith, of course, another perspective maybe would be to look at what else was being released at the same time as Jeff and or ELO offerings? The first week of release, for me, is important to research in terms of sales compared to the other weeks left in the charts. The first week will have the 'die-hard' effect - the fans like you and me who HAVE to have a new release AS SOON as its available. If you could ever remove that effect from sales, you'd get 'base line' sales data, which for me would show the 'real' effect of an album on the charts? Just my waffle - hope it makes sense?

  2. Still on sale in both Sainsbury's & Tesco in their top 20 ��

  3. Hi,when from out of nowhere dropped 70 places in the chart.I went into HMV Worcester the next day most of the chart albums were in a sale and priced at £4-99 to £7-99 foon was still full price & also full price on amazon.
    why buy one album with your xmas money when you could buy 2 or 3