Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Reasons to Release: Beatles Forever

#1,506: Much has been said down the years, not least by this writer, regarding "Beatles Forever", the one and only remaining (officially) unreleased track from "Secret Messages", ELO's originally intended 1983 double album (JETDP402) which was sadly culled "for commercial reasons" to the 1LP issue (JETLX527) that we all knew and loved until the 35th anniversary 2LP was released last year (albeit without its proverbial crown jewel) not forgetting the recent Japanese Blu-spec CD2 issue, also without "Beatles Forever".
Whilst we have been told that the track is an embarrassment to Jeff Lynne these days on account of his later work with George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, we know that "Beatles Forever" was indeed deemed good enough to be revealed to the masses if the 2LP had been released back in 1983, even though elements of it appeared in 1984's "Video!" as part of the "Electric Dreams" OST. It's also fairly certain that it would have been part of a "Secret Messages" 30th anniversary edition in 2013 that was in the works before the ELO maestro signed up with Frontiers Records. Hence, leaving out "Beatles Forever" from "Secret Messages" (both in 2018 and 2019) still seems bizarre especially when it was labelled as "The Legendary Double Album As Conceived By Jeff Lynne - Recorded in 1983" and quoted in the brief sleeve notes as having "escaped intact".
The funny thing is that Jeff Lynne does not need be concerned with the title "Beatles Forever", it is not unique being a phraseology used in Beatles magazines, fanzines, books, tapes and even a German EP (see the above header montage) across six decades. His song would merely join a long line of tributes and accolades afforded to his Beatles heroes.

Yours Truly KJS began elobeatlesforever (elobf) in February 2009 to promote the official release of "Beatles Forever". If there were no appetite for another "Secret Messages" album set, a limited edition single would do! We continue with those hopes.

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