Monday, 2 December 2019

Mr. Blue Sky: ELO's Signature Song

#1,502: If you were to ask the casual music follower and avid ELO fans what, in their opinion, is THE definitive ELO song, many would answer "Mr. Blue Sky" immediately. Taken from the finale of "Concerto For A Rainy Day" on side three of their much loved double album "Out Of The Blue", MBS peaked at #6 in the Official UK Singles Chart at the end of February 1978 and a more modest #35 in the United States Billboard 100. But the story, surprisingly, doesn't end there.

Casual fans are probably aware that ELO's UK chart performance waned as the eighties progressed from the high of "Xanadu" (JET185) reaching #1 in 1980 to the tragedy of "Getting To The Point" (A7317) attaining #97 in 1986. But what this writer didn't realise, thanx to my browsing through the Official Chart Archive, was that "Mr. Blue Sky" has breached the Official UK Singles Chart during the download era on five occasions hitting (for one week) #99 in June 2011, #94 in August 2011, #88 in August 2012 (perhaps due to it featuring in the London Olympics closing ceremony), #97 in October 2012 and #88 again in May 2017.

Undoubtedly, "Mr. Blue Sky" (originally UP36342/SJET104) remains the ultimate iconic, feel good song that simply never loses its appeal across all generations and is always guaranteed to get audiences up on their feet at every ELO themed gig!

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