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ELO: Eight Injection Moulded Singles

#1,508: Injection moulded singles started appearing on record shelves circa 1971 predominantly by two of the major labels at that time in Philips and Polydor. They were developed primarily as a way of reducing the cost in manufacturing the 7" format with their painted labels deemed somewhat cheaper than the printed paper labels that preceded them for decades.

Whereas elobeatlesforever (elobf) has focused on the rarer UK issued ELO solid centre singles "Showdown" (HAR5077), "Turn To Stone" (UP36313), "Mr. Blue Sky" (UP36342) and "Telephone Line" (UP36254) in recent years, Yours Truly KJS thought it was high time that elobf took a look at the injection moulded singles featuring ELO released in the UK.

Firstly, released in support of "Face The Music" (JETLP11) during their tenure on Jet/Polydor, the three FTM singles "Evil Woman" (JET764), "Nightrider" (JET769) and "Strange Magic" (JET779) were all injection moulded in dark blue and are easy to find. Bev Bevan's solo single "Let There Be Drums" (JET777) and four Roy Wood/Wizzard releases are other examples.

Next, with ELO at their commercial peak in 1979 and their "Discovery" album (JETLX500) still riding high in the UK album chart, some green coloured injection moulded copies of the third single "Don't Bring Me Down" (JET153) were imported from France to help Jet/CBS meet the demand turned out to be ELO's highest placed UK single at #3 in their own right.

Another four years or so would elapse before ELO fans and collectors would come across more of the same in 1983 probably due more to ongoing financial difficulties at Jet rather than actual record sales when both "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" (A3500) and "Secret Messages" (A3720) appeared with a silver injection moulded label in addition to initial copies sporting the familiar yellow Jet paper label. A blue coloured injection moulded variant of "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" was also issued and continues to be a rarity to this day. For the record, "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" peaked at #13 and "Secret Messages" stalled outside the Top 40 at #48.

Another ELO injection moulded UK single appeared in May 1984 as part of the Harvest/EMI Golden 45's series when "10538 Overture" backed by "Roll Over Beethoven" (G45 22) saw reissue as a silver injection moulded item as well as editions in alternate black and mauve paper labels. This is perhaps the rarest of the eight featured records in this article to locate. ELO (and related artist) vinyl continues to offer up the odd surprise for the avid and/or casual fan and collector! Here's hoping that you've enjoyed reading this article!

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  1. I have the 3 blue ones but none of the others

  2. I have a red “Fire on High” 45. It’s translucent with paper label. 45 rpm. I love vinyl;drums sound better!

    1. I don’t know my memory must be going as I get older the color of the 45 single is actually purple!!

    2. SMP! You have Sweet Talkin' Woman b/w Fire On High (JTXW-1145) in mauve/purple vinyl! KJS@ELOBF