Thursday, 28 November 2019

UP36264: Telephone Line Twist

#1,500: Every so often, record collectors of all genres come across vinyl oddities and the same is true when it comes to ELO and related artistes. Regular visitors to elobeatlesforever (elobf) down the years would have read various elobf articles on the subject of rare ELO singles and albums not forgetting the attempts by this writer to locate certain hard to find solid centre issues of "Showdown" (HAR5077), "Turn To Stone" (UP36313) and more latterly "Mr. Blue Sky" (UP36342).

Other than the withdrawn second ELO EP (ELO2), the phantom 1978 Jet/CBS reissue of "Turn To Stone" (SJET103) and even the ultra-rare original UK Jet/Polydor issue of "OlĂ© ELO" (JETLP19), the only remaining realistic record that I'm actively searching for these days is a solid centre copy of "Telephone Line" (UP36254). Hence you can imagine my surprise recently when Yours Truly KJS came across a quirky Irish solid centre copy of "Telephone Line" on the United Artists label (see above photos) - as was the case with "Livin' Thing" (UP36184/JET786), the lead single from "A New World Record" (UAG30017/JETLP20).
"Telephone Line" and its jumbled 'B' side has been the subject of not a few elobf articles down the years!
The funny thing about this particular 7" is that it has been allocated the catalogue number UP36264 (whether intentionally or not) whereas UP36254 is evident in the run-out groove. It's also noteworthy that the flip side features only "Poorboy (Greenwood)" - albeit without the "The" - but not "King Of The Universe", as was the case in the UK. Whilst I'm happy with this capture, the search for that elusive solid centre UP36254 will go on. Please let me know if you see one!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Black Friday Bulletin: Jeff Lynne's ELO, Cheap Trick & Roy Wood

#1,499: Watch out for a couple of interesting items that might well have Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood vinyl collectors queuing up to "Hold On Tight" to this coming (Black) Friday 29th November!

Firstly, a rather nice collectable amazon exclusive picture disc edition of the new Jeff Lynne's ELO album "From Out Of Nowhere" will be released on Friday priced at £19.99 with pre-orders now being taken here:

Secondly, Cheap Trick will be also releasing a cover of John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth" on Friday backed with a 2018 live version of Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" featuring Roy Wood as a limited edition 7" single in blood red vinyl. Any remaining copies can be ordered from 30th November here:

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Monday, 25 November 2019

Bev Bevan: Happy 75th Birthday!

#1,498: Today is Monday 25th November and it's also Bev Bevan's 75th birthday! After starting out with Denny Laine & The Diplomats and then Carl Wayne & The Vikings, Bev co-founded The Move alongside Roy Wood, Trevor Burton, Carl Wayne and Chris 'Ace' Kefford before, of course, also co-founding the Electric Light Orchestra alongside Roy Wood (again) and Jeff Lynne and then ELO Part IIBev also played with Black Sabbath on their "Born Again" tour and more recently has performed with best pal Jasper Carrott in both the Made In Brum and Stand Up & Rock! shows as well as performing with Quill in a 50+ year stellar career.

Throughout the 10+ years of elobeatlesforever (elobf), Yours Truly KJS has often bumped into Bev (often discussing the fortunes of Wolves FC as well as the biz) and featured his many musical projects on multiple occasions. We were there when he received his Broad Street Walk of Fame Star in April 2011 (review here) and also celebrated his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 (report here)Bev has often been supportive of and extended much courtesy to elobf and aside from being the best drummer in the business, the powerhouse of the classic ELO line-up and keeping the music of ELO live (and alive) in the nineties with ELO Part II, it goes without saying that we wish Bev a Very Happy 75th Birthday!

By the way, you can still catch Bev performing with Quill during their upcoming Christmas Tour between Saturday 7th and Sunday 22nd December. See poster below for more details or click on this link to buy tickets:
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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Jet Connections: ELO Related Albums 1979-80

#1,497: With the back to back success of "Out Of The Blue" (1978), "Discovery" (1979) and "Xanadu" (1980) under their belts, Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) were at their commercial peak as the seventies lapsed into the eighties both in terms of record and ticket sales. Everything they released charted whether it was a single, a new album, a compilation or even a boxed set. This was, of course, good news for both the band and their label since 1975: Don Arden's Jet Records.

ELO were still regarded as a septet by many fans at this time, even though their studio recordings began to revolve around Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy and Kelly Groucutt. It was during this time that various members of ELO's string section began to release albums via Jet (when distributed by CBS) in their own right and/or with side projects. Four albums were issued in total (and a number of singles too, the subject of a future KJS/elobf article) and although only one of the quartet charted, they did and still do generate interest in the ELO fan base for avid vinyl collectors ...

Surprising non-charting orchestral outing by the ELO arranger with a little help from his friends including Roy Wood and former Wizzard saxophonist Nick Pentelow.

Violinski ~ "No Cause For Alarm" (1979) ~ JETLP219
Mik Kaminski and his blue violin brigade featuring ex-ELO bassist Mike de Albuquerque crept into the UK Top 50 at #49 with their debut album. Lead single "Clog Dance" (JET136) also made the UK Top 20, peaking at #17.

Wilson Gale & Co. ~ "Gift Wrapped" (1980) ~ JETLP223
ELO cellist Melvyn Gale teamed up with Frank Wilson for this hard to find album with Hugh McDowell also contributing.

Violinski ~ "Stop Cloning About" (1980) ~ JETLP232
Their second album featured "Silent Love" which would likely have been another hit single as Radio 1's "Record of the Week" but for an "account problem" with the Jet label.

It's worth noting that during the Jet Records period between 1975 and 1983, every record released by individual members of ELO (other than those noted above by Mik Kaminski and Violinskidid not trouble the charts. That list includes the solo singles "Doin' That Crazy Thing" (1977) by none other than Jeff Lynne (UP36281/SJET102) and "Let There Be Drums" (JET777) by Bev Bevan! You may also enjoy perusing these elobeatlesforever (elobf) articles on similar subject matter ...

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Friday, 22 November 2019

ChartWatch: Jeff Lynne's ELO Slipping Away from Top 10

#1,496: The Jeff Lynne's ELO former #1 album "From Out Of Nowhere" has been edged out of the Official Albums Chart Top 10 this week and now sits at a respectable #12 after 3 weeks. Considering that The Script's new "Sunsets & Full Moons" album nosedived from #1 to #14 at the same time, the performance of FOON has been impressive in a modern chart where new entries often enter at high positions and fall way quickly. In comparison, it's interesting to note that 2015's "Alone In The Universe" clocked up a healthy 6 weeks in the Top 10 whereas 2017's "Wembley Or Bust" managed just a week at #9 before dropping back to #27 in its second week.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Album Chart Milestone for All Over The World

#1,495: Yours Truly KJS and elobeatlesforever (elobf) think that you might have missed an interesting Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) milestone last Friday (15th November) when their bestselling 2005 greatest hits compilation "All Over The World" re-entered the Official Albums Chart Top 100 at #82 on the back of the success of the new Jeff Lynne's ELO album "From Out Of Nowhere" for it was the 200th week on the aforementioned UK chart for the former #1 album!

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

ChartWatch: From Out Of Nowhere Exits Top 10

#1,494: As expected, "From Out Of Nowhere" has left the UK Top 10 according the Official Albums Chart Update published yesterday (Monday 18th November). The triumphant recent ten track outing from Jeff Lynne's ELO entered the full chart at #1 in its first week of release before slipping to #7 last week and is now at #11 halfway through this third week.

You may recall that "Alone In The Universe" peaked at #4 in 2015 and eventually managed a respectable 17 week chart run with "Wembley Or Bust" following it two years later into the Top 10 at #9 with an ensuing 7 week chart life. It'll be interesting to see how long FOON hangs around in the UK Top 100 as a plethora of pre-Christmas new releases and compilations flood the market. You can rely on Yours Truly KJS and elobeatlesforever (elobf) to keep an eye on proceedings and we will report back (hopefully) in the weeks to come!

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