Monday, 18 March 2019

Jeff Lynne & Dhani Harrison Reunite for ELO Summer Dates

#1,492: ELO maestro Jeff Lynne announced earlier today (Monday 18th March) that the Special Guest during his forthcoming Summer US/Canada Summer tour will be none other than Dhani Harrison, the son of his pal and fellow Traveling Wilbury George Harrison.

This poignant addition to the bill will further strengthen the many ties between ELO and The Beatles whilst doubtless bolstering modest tickets sales after a low key social media campaign to date. It will be interesting to see if Dhani will join Jeff on stage during the shows, perhaps for a cameo during "Handle With Care". One thing is for sure, audiences in North America will witness a kind of ELO Beatles Together in just a few months when the son of a Beatle joins up with the "son of (The) Beatles". Wouldn't it be interesting if Ringo joined 'em too ...

Find out more about those Jeff Lynne's ELO US tour dates via this link thus:

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  2. Ticket sales still slow in the USA? Are those Americans STILL not getting it?

  3. I’m delighted that Dhani Harrison is the opening act. I really get the feeling he will come out on stage with Jeff for handle with care. it’s a great marketing strategy!. It would be a big mistake if he didnt. The location of the arenas he is playing at have a bit of a different demographic. The closest one to me, in New York City, would be the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ. It’s not close and I know for a fact the parking is very expensive, at least it was the last time I was there. ELO fans will attend nevertheless. I have a feeling he will sell out as the dates get closer. Newark New Jersey has a huge rap fan base. I’m sure he will sell out Philadelphia. I played The Philly spectrum, which has been torn down, in 1976 for face the music. That was a complete sellout. I know the fans will be there.
    Marge Raymond