Monday, 31 December 2018

Yours Truly 2018: A Year In Review

#1,477: Another twelve months are almost complete and 2018 has proved to be another interesting year for elobeatlesforever (elobf) as the milestone of 3 million views was reached on the very day that Yours Truly KJS was in Liverpool to see Jeff Lynne's ELO on back on October 23rd. It was also the year that an incomplete 2LP edition "Secret Messages" was released albeit without "Beatles Forever" (much to the disappointment of this writer), being one of several elobf scoops amongst those for a new Roy Orbison/RPO album, the Jeff Lynne/ELO Original Album Classics 5CD set and the first volume of ELO's UK 7" Singles boxed set.

The past twelve months also saw the tragic passing of ELO cellist Hugh McDowell in November whilst a recovering Richard Tandy joined Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan in the 70's club during March. On a personal note, it has been somewhat difficult dealing with internet trolling and a peculiar persecution by a certain social media platform against a site that only offers positive coverage to all in the ELO, Beatles and related artistes world. On the positive side, 2018 saw me finally obtain a rare solid centre copy of "Turn To Stone" (UP36313) and launch several new series of articles covering ELO's very many compilations and residences on certain record labels. Expect more of the same, some surprises and perhaps something else in 2019 ...
elobf Gig of the Year
2018 was a busy year in terms of gigs with many attended both inside and outside of the elobf universe. Jeff Lynne's ELO were busy again on both sides of the Atlantic and many were thrilled to see the ELO maestro plough through his greatest hits backed by Musical Director Mike Stevens and their now familiar touring band. I was fortunate to see EJLO in Liverpool again this year and without a doubt such a polished show was hugely memorable. It was strange not seeing Roy Wood and his Rock 'n' Roll Band perform at The Robin 2 this year for the first time in a decade but his fabulous Rockmas 2018 event more than made up for it! Yours Truly KJS also caught four ELO tribute bands live during the year and managed to go see a holographic Roy Orbison alongside a full orchestra whilst ELO co-founding drumming legend Bev Bevan was in action with both Quill and old pal Jasper Carrott. All in all a wonderful twelve months capped perfectly by the good Dr. Wood.
elobf Album of the Year
Fifteen albums were reviewed during 2018 from the familiar such as The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison to Paul McCartney's "Egypt Station" to Quill's "Grey Goose Call EP" to P.Hux's "This Is The One" to BGO's "Zentopia" and a fair few local, national and international indie artistes too. Undoubtedly, the 2LP issue of "Secret Messages" was significant but the exclusion of "Beatles Forever" (and a 2CD issue) was a major commercial gaffe by both Sony Legacy and Jeff Lynne almost certainly preventing a decent placing in the UK Top 100 Album Chart. With that in mind, after some reflection and many plays, my choice for elobf Album of the Year 2018 is the wonderful "Lucky Day" by Swedish Power Pop perfectionist David Myhr.
Review: Lucky Day (David Myhr)
Yours Truly KJS would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every visitor and contributor to elobeatlesforever (elobf) during 2018 and to also wish you a Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous if not ELOtastic New Year. There is much to look forward to in 2019 with our 10th birthday in February (and ensuing celebration in May) not too far away. See you on the other side folks!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 31-Dec-2018


  1. I agree with you on this, although I did not listen or purchase too many 2018 original albums. But, based on your original story on this album and artist, I listened to it on Amazon Prime Music and loved it. So, I ordered it from Amazon. Good choice!

  2. I am sorry to hear about the trolling difficulties you have suffered for what is, after all, a harmless music fan site. Unfortunately that is the by-product of democracy and freedom of speech - some people think it means they have the right to say anything; well they don't; freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

    Chin up mate; ignore them and keep up the good work!