Sunday, 21 October 2018

ELOpinion: What Do Those Jeff Lynne's ELO Teasers Tell Us?

#1,457: The folks at Jeff Lynne's ELO and Live Nation in the United States have been busy dropping a few hints and teases over the last few days with tweets and social media images of a certain familiar spaceship and spurious comments including "Where will the ship land?", "Your Ticket To The Moon is coming soon ..." and "Hold On Tight" (see above).

This has led to some fans going into overdrive with various theories to the point where Yours Truly KJS and elobeatlesforever (elobf) have been asked for an opinion as to what might be unveiled soon. It's even been postulated that the much vaunted new album or another collection of more re-recorded ELO classics by Jeff Lynne might be on the cards, being as two "Time" tracks are being quoted that have neither been performed live by Jeff Lynne's ELO or included on 2012's "Mr. Blue Sky".

But, speculation aside, what do we know? We know that according to their various Twitter pages, Live Nation will be making an announcement on Monday 22nd October at 9AM (PT) or 12PM (ET). We also know that those Twitter and Facebook posts seem to be aimed at the North American market, particularly when considering that the 2018 European/UK tour is almost at an end. Thus the most likely scenario is that more US and Canada dates are on the cards, most likely in new cities and venues as well as those visited earlier this year. Tour timing will, of course, have to be coordinated to align with next years Take That Greatest Hits Live 2019 dates, presuming that Jeff will retain his current touring band.
A new album may also be on the horizon but the only caveat to that is that in a recent Billboard magazine interview with Jeff Lynne on the subject of The Traveling Wilburys' 30th anniversary (click here to view), the ELO maestro states that he's "already halfway through it" and after this tour, he'll be back in his studio. In other words, this writer believes that we should expect more Stateside (and perhaps beyond) tour dates to be announced but not necessarily a new album - yet!

Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... 21-Oct-2018

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