Wednesday, 24 January 2018

JET777: Bev Bevan's Heavy Headliner

#1,372: Did you know that hidden away on the reverse side of Bev Bevan's only solo record is an ELO related one time only rarity? "Let There Be Drums" (JET777) was a non-charting Jet/Polydor UK single released in August 1976, being Bev's take on the 1961 Sandy Nelson percussion driven instrumental classic. Yet, over on side 'B' of this collectors item is another largely instrumental tune with the title: "Heavy Head", bearing the same name as Bev's then record shop in Sparkhill, Birmingham.
The uniqueness of this particular track is the fact that (as far as Yours Truly KJS is aware) it is the only time when Bev Bevan, Kelly Groucutt and Richard Tandy received a songwriting credit alongside Jeff Lynne on a Jet Records release - not forgetting that Richard Tandy and Louis Clark were co-credited with orchestral and choral arrangements on ELO studio albums from "Eldorado" to "Out Of The Blue" and Kelly Groucutt sang lead vocals on tracks including "Poker" and "Sweet Is The Night". It's also interesting is that Dr. Roy Wood also guests on saxophone here too making it somewhat of an early ELO reunion of sorts!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 24-Jan-2018


  1. Good article and pic, but do we know who all the guys above are? I've picked out Rick Price, Jeff next to Bev, Tony Iommi (I think) and John Bonham on the right. Is that Ozzy next to Rick on the left? No idea about the others.

    1. John ... Raymond Froggatt is next to Jeff and you may be right re: Ozzy Osbourne ... KJS@elobf

  2. I did know about this. Another curious rarity (never discussed) is a Darts B-side produced by Roy Wood called "I've Got To Have My Way".