Thursday, 23 November 2017

Review: Silverlake (Pugwash)

#1,345: What "Do Ya" get if Dublin's finest adds a little of Brum's finest with Liverpool's finest and Swindon's finest and then sprinkles a spot of Californian West Coast sonic excellence over the whole affair? The answer (if you hadn't already guessed) is the new Pugwash long player "Silverlake" (Lojinx LJX111).

For this album at least, Pugwash is now essentially the affable and extremely talented Thomas Walsh alongside the equally legendary LA based musician cum producer Jason Falkner. Funded and delivered as a result of a successful pledge campaign, "Silverlake" is a tour de force of those familiar Pugwash hooks, melodies and genial lyrics that we've all come to love, this time overlaid with a classic Power Pop vibe. From the first notes of the perfect pop of opener "The Perfect Summer" through to the manic psychedelia of bonus track "Deeper Deeper", this is an album full of addictive tunes oozing Tom's major musical influences of ELO/Jeff Lynne, XTC and The Beatles (to name a few). If lead single "The Perfect Summer" doesn't grab you then "What Are You Like" and "Easier Done Than Said" are likely to with its catchy if not infectious guitars and those superb vocals. "Why Do I" is another belter (which will appeal to those who also enjoy XTC) as is the anthemic "Without You".

There's room here also for acoustic ballads "Better Than Nothing At All", "Such A Shame" and "Sunshine True", the latter which almost has a Norwegian Wood feel to it with its inspired string arrangement. The haunting "Autarch" has an early ELO if not late Beatles (or even Move) feel to it and, as mentioned earlier, "Deeper Deeper" is sheer fun! "Silverlake" should appeal to a wide range of music connoisseurs aside from the growing, loyal band of Pugwash admirers. If ever there were an artiste deserving of major success and recognition, then Thomas Walsh and Pugwash should be right at the top of the list. And if there were ever a record that deserves your attention and a decent slot in the album charts, then this it! ★★★★

Trax: "The Perfect Summer" ~ "What Are You Like" ~ "Why Do I" ~ "Better Than Nothing At All" ~ "Without You" ~ "Sunshine True" ~ "Everyone Knows That You're Mine" ~ "Make It Yourself" ~ "Such A Shame" ~ "Easier Done Than Said" ~ "Autarch" ~ "Deeper Deeper" (Bonus)

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"Silverlake" by Pugwash is released on Friday 24th November (vinyl edition follows two weeks later on Friday 8th December) and is available to buy via these links thus:

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