Thursday, 26 October 2017

Petty Thinking: Wilburys Mourn TP + Learning To Fly

#1,333: Almost a month has elapsed since the tragic passing of Tom Petty on Monday 2nd October and still it is difficult to get my head around it. Indeed, Yours Truly KJS picked up a pristine vinyl copy of fellow Wilburys brother Roy Orbison's fab 1989 gatefolded LP "Mystery Girl" last weekend. And there, of course, on side one was the name of Tom Petty alongside Jeff Lynne and Roy as co-writer of "You Got It" and "California Blue". Wherever I go, I just can't escape TP.

The news that Bob Dylan paid tribute to Tom in performing "Learning To Fly" with his band as an encore on Saturday 21st October in Denver, Colorado was also of note. Both happenings had me looking back to the beginning of the month to read again the words of Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne as they paid tribute to and remembered Charlie T. Wilbury Jr. thus:

"It's shocking, crushing news. I thought the world of Tom. He was a great performer, full of the light, a friend, and I'll never forget him." (Bob Dylan)

"Tom Petty was the coolest guy I ever knew." (Jeff Lynne)

Perhaps the most unwanted and the saddest of my thoughts at this time is that we now only have two Wilburys with us. I'm so glad I got to see Tom (for the first time) in July, Jeff in June and Bob (also for the first time) in May of this year. I have early New Year resolutions to not take for granted Messrs. Dylan and Lynne and to be truly thankful for the amazing legacies of Roy, George, Tom and The Traveling Wilburys. We were blessed to have them, see them and hear them.

Remembering Tom Petty

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 26-Oct-2017


  1. Feelng just the same as you Keith - there is definitely a huge hole left where Tom once was - 66 is no age to go :( yes, we have his music, but he's impacted so many lives on such a personal level, it's very hard to adjust to the fact that he just ain't around any more :( As for The Heartbreakers, I feel for them and the Webb Sisters - can't begin to know how they must be feeling. I hope they all have the love and support of close family - they will surely be needing it.

  2. You know what though, Jeff took the time to pay tribute to Tom,and while that's really thoughtful of him, I can't help feeling just a little pissed that he (as far as I'm aware )ever take the time to say a few words when Mike Edwards passed, then Kelly and more recently Hugh, after all they all played a part in the success story of ELO, Jeff can call it what he wants to now, but for me ELO will ALWAYS be that 7 piece line up I was so lucky to witness live back in 76, anything now doesn't even come close to that for me personally and I mean no disrespect to the current line up,but Jeff has made it blatantly clear it's HIS ELO and no one else's !!