Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Seventy Soon: Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne

#1,314: As we approach the final quarter of 2017, two of the three official founding members of The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are approaching a significant milestone. Whereas Bev Bevan will be 73 years of age as of Saturday 25th November, both Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne will be celebrating their 70th birthdays on Wednesday 8th November and Saturday 30th December respectively. This being despite the "Confusion" generated in this Guardian article last year where they initially stated Roy's age as 70 (as did Yours Truly KJS and a number of well known media sources) prompting Woody to declare his then correct age of 69 on his Twitter page, as covered in this elobeatlesbeatlesforever (elobf) article thus:

Roy Wood: 69 Years Old Today (Born 1947)

We can therefore look forward with confidence to both Roy and Jeff reaching the grand young age of seventy in the coming months with their many fans and admirers perhaps thinking of inventive ways in which to mark both occasions whilst not forgetting Bev's birthday in the midst.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 05-Sep-2017


  1. Still not sure why they invited Roy Wood to be there. He started it yes, but Jeff took it and ran!

  2. It's simple - No Roy Wood, No ELO for Jeff Lynne. Just because you have talent doesn't mean you will make it. Any artist/Actor will tell you there is a little luck involved and sometimes it's who you know. And Jeff Lynne got his luck with Roy. I'm not saying Roy is more talented than Jeff but only that Jeff was getting nowhere with the Idle Race and with those nursery rhymes type songs. "Time Is" is the Idle Race's best album by far. According to a article in a old magazine called "Let It Rock" , the article says "The Idle Race had recently been dropped by it's record label." So Roy asked Jeff to join The Move again and this time he accepted. It's funny how this never gets mentioned.....

  3. does anybody know how to make contact with roy, bev, mik, hugh and jeff ? cool project involving ELO music -- want to share with founding members and fans. truly incredible -- not about making money, just honoring the music. need help to show. please contact me at lafnliv@hotmail.com (can show privately, but not publically)