Wednesday, 13 September 2017

On The Flip Side: Unreleased ELO

#1,317: elobeatlesforever (elobf) recently published an article entitled Drum Dreaming: ELO Trax Only in Vinyl on the subject of ELO songs or tracks that are yet to find their way to digital/CD release and Yours Truly KJS got to thinking as to what previously unreleased ELO tracks found their way on the 'B' side on their vinyl (*and cassette) releases back in the day.

In their heyday, the Electric Light Orchestra were very much a singles band in parallel with their album successes. A fair proportion of their singles between 1974-1981 had album tracks as 'B' sides, as discussed in this May 2015 elobf article: On The Flip Side: ELO's Jet 'B' Sides. From 1973-1980, if you exclude the odd instrumental and live recordings, only "Drum Dreams" broke the monopoly of album tracks on ELO 'B' sides. But from "Time" onwards, ELO fans started to see new material on the flip side of their 7" and/or 12" single releases. In fact, the majority of ELO's UK singles between 1981-86 included new material on Side Two whereas from 1971-80 it was album tracks almost all the way. Here's a list of those previously unreleased ELO tracks all the way from the 'B' side of "Showdown" in '73 through to the infamous "ELO Megamix" found on the reverse side of the "Getting To The Point" 12" single in '86. Hoping that I've caught 'em all:

"In Old England Town (Instrumental)" ~ Harvest HAR5077B (1973)
"10538 Overture (Live)" ~ Jet JET764B (1975)
"Daybreaker (Live)" ~ Jet JET769B (1975)
"Showdown (Live)" ~ Jet JET779B (1976)
"Drum Dreams" ~ Jet/MCA JET179B (1980)
"When Time Stood Still" ~ Jet JET7011B (1981)
"Julie Don't Live Here" ~ Jet JET7015B (1981)
"After All" ~ Jet A3500B (1983)
"Time After Time" ~ Jet TA3500B; *JETCX527 (1983)
"Buildings Have Eyes" ~ Jet A3720B (1983)
"The Bouncer" ~ Jet TA3869B (1983)
"Caught In A Trap" ~ Epic A6844B (1986)
"Destination Unknown" ~ Epic QTA6844B (1986)
"Matter Of Fact" ~ Epic A7090B (1986)
"Mater Of Fact (Alternative Lyric)" ~ Epic TA7090B (1986)
"ELO Megamix" ~ Epic TA7317B (1986)

Here's an "Afterglow" of a quiz for you ELOnoraks: Can you identify the 'A' sides from the above list of ELO flip sides? I've cited two already but can you find the rest?

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 13-Sep-2017

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