Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Concept Theory: Time as a 2LP Too?

#1,321: Much has been made by elobeatlesforever (elobf) over most of the last decade about the aborted 2LP release of  ELO's 1983 album "Secret Messages" (JETDP402) replete, of course, with "Beatles Forever". The differences between the single and double album editions have been discussed often and many ELO fans - including Yours Truly KJS - still hope for a release that includes all eighteen (18) tracks, as originally intended by Jeff Lynne. Yet before "Secret Messages" (JETLX527) came "Time" (JETLP236) in July 1981 with thirteen (13) songs - including a "Prologue" and "Epilogue" - squeezed onto a single LP. "Time" always struck me as having a relatively high number of tracks for a single album especially when considering that "A New World Record" and "Discovery" only sported nine songs and "Face The Music" just the eight.
So when an expanded and remastered "Time" was released in 2001 with three bonus tracks originally found on the 'B' sides of "Hold On Tight" (JET7011), "Twilight" (JET7015) and the (later) UK 12" single for "Four Little Diamonds" (TA3869) - namely "When Time Stood Still", "Julie Don't Live Here" and "The Bouncer" - I do remember pondering whether "Time" could also have been a double album too in and of itself with the 16 known tracks: "Prologue" (1:15); "Twilight" (3:35); "Yours Truly 2095" (3:15); "Ticket To The Moon" (4:06); "The Way Life's Meant To Be" (4:36); "Another Heart Breaks" (3:46); "Rain Is Falling" (3:54); "From The End Of The World" (3:16); "The Lights Go Down" (3:31); "Here Is the News" (3:49); "21st Century Man" (4:00); "Hold On Tight" (3:05); "Epilogue" (1:30); "When Time Stood Still" (3:33); "Julie Don't Live Here" (3:42); "The Bouncer" (3:14)
Note that it has also been reported that "Time" was slated to be issued as a double album split between a studio and live recording but this particular elobf article is musing on the potential that existed for a 2LP studio album. So the intent was there. Perhaps Jeff Lynne intended two ELO double albums in the early eighties and was frustrated on more than more occasion with Jet Records curtailing his ambitions. Perhaps not. But I think a concept album like "Time" might have been all the more magnificent in 2LP format. Quite where those three extra tracks would have fitted is also a subject for discussion. Thoughts? Opinions?

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 26-Sep-2017


  1. Hello my old friend always struck me as a time track too. Could easily have been a double album and would have been great!...and don't forget the bloody brilliant After All

    1. From ShardEnder on Steve Hoffman Forums:

      I meant to share this sooner, but here's the surprising contents of those Time acetates:

      Yours Truly, 2095
      Ticket To The Moon
      The Way Life’s Meant To Be
      When Time Stood Still
      Julie Don’t Live Here
      Another Heart Breaks

      Rain Is Falling
      From The End Of The World
      The Lights Go Down
      Here Is The News
      21st Century Man
      The Bouncer
      Hold On Tight

  2. I Always think that Letter From Spain (Secret Messages)

    Should have been Called
    A Letter from Space.

    It Could Have Been On The Time Album.

    It Could Have Been The Missing Letter To JULIE (Doesn't Live Here Anymore)!