Friday, 22 September 2017

All Over The Wolrd: Misspelt Light Orchestra

#1,319: The subject of pselling mitsakes ... er ... I mean spelling mistakes and generic errors on record labels featuring ELO, Jeff Lynne and related artistes has often cropped up here at elobeatlesforever (elobf) over the years, as evidenced in elobf articles such as K56021: I'm Only Dreaming Of 4000, King Of The Greenwood Revisited and On The Flip Side: Unreleased ELO. Yours Truly KJS therefore got to thinking on the subject.
From promo to release: Anyone can make a mitsake!
Perhaps the biggest mistake of all is one that still gets under the skin of ELO maestro Jeff Lynne himself (check out the 2012 documentary "Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO") and that is that the first Idle Race record featuring his name: "Impostors Of Life's Magazine" (Liberty LBF15026) managed to credit the songwriter as G. Lynn whilst repeating the error on 'B' side "Sitting In My Tree" to add insult to injury.
"All Over The Wolrd" or "All Over The World"?
Other lamentable labelling that comes to mind can be found on the 1978 reissue of "Mr. Blue Sky" (Jet/CBS SJET104) with ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTA, the alternative lyric version of "Mater Of Fact" found on the flip side of the UK 12" single "So Serious" (Epic TA7090) and, quite amazingly, the listing of "Dreaming Of 4000" as "I'm Only Dreaming" on the original issue of "On The Third Day" (Warner Bros. K56021) not forgetting Arcade's 1987 compilation LP "All Over The Wolrd" (later corrected accordingly) and the Jet/UA muddle with the 'B' side of "Telephone Line" (UP36254). I'm 101% sure that there are plenty of other examples out there! Know of any more?

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 22-Sep-2017

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