Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Drum Dreaming: ELO Trax Only in Vinyl

#1,311: Regular visitors to elobeatlesforever (elobf) will by now surely be aware of our initial goal: a campaign to see ELO's iconic 1983 LP "Secret Messages" released in its originally intended 2LP  glory replete, of course, with "Beatles Forever" and, as "Time" has gone by, Yours Truly KJS has also highlighted other hopefully interesting facts and anomalies regarding the recorded output of ELO (and related artistes). Back in May 2015, elobf posted an article pointing out that "Drum Dreams" had the unique record of being a 'B' side twice in the US having been of the flip side of both "I'm Alive" (#MCA-41246) and "All Over The World" (#MCA-41289) noting that "Drum Dreams" was also Side B of "I'm Alive" (#JET179) in the UK too.
"Drum Dreams": Three times a single ...
But there is more to "Drum Dreams" - Bev Bevan's stunning percussion demonstration from the "Xanadu" OST. And that it is one the very few Electric Light Orchestra tracks released on vinyl betwixt 1971-86 that has not made its way onto CD save also for the alternative lyric version of "Matter Of Fact" found on the 'B' side of the UK 12" single for "So Serious" (#TA7090) or the infamous "ELO Megamix" found on the 'B' side of the UK 12" single for "Getting To The Point" (#TA7317). There may be more as I am certainly no expert on the full ELO discography but with so many ELO singles backed by album tracks, this writer cannot recall any other Jeff Lynne penned tracks put out by ELO on vinyl back in the day that haven't made the move to CD.
The non-issue of "Drum Dreams" in digital format also reminds this particular writer that aside from "Secret Messages", an expanded remastered edition of the "Xanadu" OST (Jet/MCA #JETLX526) is also overdue including not only "Drum Dreams" but also Olivia Newton-John's "Fool Country" and the instrumental "Xanadu Overture" also found in the film soundtrack. Whether it be "Drum Dreams", an expanded "Xanadu" or even a 2LP "Secret Messages" complete with "Beatles Forever", there is still much to hope for when it comes to future ELO reissues and/or re-releases. Maybe the "ELO Megamix" will also make it one day alongside that alternative "Matter Of Fact" and any other tracks that I've undoubtedly missed!

On The Flip Side: ELO's Jet 'B' Sides
Taken From The Album: ELO's Jet 'B' Sides

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 29-Aug-2017


  1. 'Mater of Fact' - yet another typo to add to the list that already comprises G. Lynn, Jeff Lynn, and Electric Light Orchesta. It would be less noticeable had Epic not spelt it poperly (sorry, properly) the first time!

  2. We can but hope my friend,one day one day

  3. Has 'Sooner or later', B side to 'Video' (IMHO one of Jeff's best tracks) ever been on CD? Maybe as part of the OST?

    1. Hi Hughy! Not as yet. That's another track locked in vinyl! KJS@elobf