Sunday, 16 April 2017

Electric Live Years: An ELO Roll of Honour

#1,264: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Wasn't it great seeing Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne last week together on stage in NYC for their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame investiture as founding members of ELO? It was, of course, unfortunate that both Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy were not also there (for differing reasons) but also affirming in that the Electric Light Orchestra were taking their place alongside their peers and fellow musical legends.

However much I would have loved to hear the names of former members to the ELO story within the speeches made, Yours Truly KJS and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) thought it would be apt and quite appropriate to name as many musicians, contributors and characters who have played their part in ELO (whether in the studio, on stage or elsewhere) and compile them into this roster of 91 names (in alphabetical order) below thus:

Addie Lee ~ Al Quaglieri ~ Amy Langley ~ Andy Craig ~ Bernie Smith ~ Bev Bevan ~ Bill Bottrell ~ Bill Hunt ~ Brian Jones ~ Brie Brandt ~ Carl Wayne ~ Chereene Allen ~ Christian Schneider ~ Colin Owen ~ Colin Walker ~ Craig Fruin ~ David Arden ~ Dave Boruf ~ Dave Scott-Morgan ~ Dennis ~ Denny Bridges ~ Dick Plant ~ Don Arden ~ Donavan Hepburn ~ Douglas Bogey ~ Duane Scott ~ Ellie Greenwich ~ Fred ~ George Harrison ~ Ghislaine ~ Gregg Bissonette ~ Hugh McDowell ~ Iain Hornal ~ Jake Commander ~ Jeff Lynne ~ Jeff Magid ~ Jess Cox ~ John 'Upsy' Downing ~ John Middleton ~ John Richards ~ Kelly Groucutt ~ Laura Lynne ~ Lee Pomeroy ~ Louis Clark ~ Marc Bolan ~ Marc Mann ~ Marcus Byrne ~ Marge Raymond ~ Martin Smith ~ Mary Thomas ~ Matt Bissonette ~ Melanie Lewis-McDonald ~ Melvyn Gale ~ Mick Wilson ~ Mik Kaminski ~ Mike Atkins ~ Mike de Albuquerque ~ Mike Edwards ~ Mike Pela ~ Mike Stevens ~ Milton McDonald ~ Nancy O'Neill ~ Olivia Newton-John ~ Patti Quatro ~ Peggy Baldwin ~ Pete King ~ Peter Ford-Robertson ~ Phil Copestake ~ Phil Hatton ~ Rainer Pietsch ~ Reinhold Mack ~ Richard Tandy ~ Rick Pannell ~ Rick Price ~ Ringo Starr ~ Roger Lebow ~ Rosie Langley ~ Rosie Vela ~ Roy Wood ~ Ryan Ulyate ~ Sandi Lynne ~ Sarah O'Brien ~ Sharon Arden ~ Steve Jay ~ Steve Woolam ~ Susan Collins ~ Suzie Katayama ~ Ted Blight ~ Tom Thiel ~ Trevor Smith ~ Wilfred Gibson

My elder brother Rob introduced me to ELO when I was but a ten year old back in 1977 and ELO were a settled septet at that time. Their membership (whether in the studio or on stage) has expanded and contracted over the years and the idea of this article - published on the 45th anniversary of the live debut of ELO at The Greyhound in Croydon on Sunday 16th April 1972 - is to pay tribute to each and every musician who has played a part in a band whom the late, great Tony Curtis once famously said were (and still are) "the most outstanding rock group in the world today." Many thanx to Messrs. Jet Flynne, Jeff Cooper and John Devitt for filling in the gaps!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 16-Apr-2017


  1. That was great thank you. Marge Raymond

  2. Very well stated! I have lost respect for Jeff Lynne for not giving a shout out to the guys who were former members of the band. And who helped ELO achieve their goals which would lead them to fame/fortune and the Rock -N- Roll Hall Of Fame. He didn't have to call them all out by name but he should have at least acknowledged their contributions. A real man would have done this. I get he's shy but he is 69 years old and there is no excuse. He is a egotistical jerk who only thanked himself. Didn't even mention the ELO fans who bought his music. During Jeff Lynne's ELO live performances they used photos of Roy Wood throughout the songs but Roy wasn't allowed to go up on stage and do one song with them? And to make matters worse on Jeff Lynne's Facebook page, They post " ELO In " the hall of fame but used a photo of the current Jeff Lynne's ELO. WTH ? I am glad ELO is in the hall of fame but just highly disappointed with the leader of the band.

  3. Is anyone missing from the massive list of names? KJS

    1. Dear Anonymous ... Quite possibly! I didn't list members of ELO Part II and The Orchestra after much deliberation ... but I could well change my mind! Please let me know if you think that I've omitted anyone? West Bishes ... KJS@elobf

  4. Are they going to include that cringe worthy episode where Jeff Lynne went on "tour" with a girl band ? Jeff Lynne is a genius there is no denying that, but he is mainly a total self centred egoistical @rsehole !

  5. Thanks for a very good article Keith. I never thought I would see the day when ELO were inducted into the R & R Hall of fame. I think it's only right that ELOBF pays respect to all those people who contributed to the success of the band. I know there were many people in many groups saying different people should have been there, and when you look at your list, you can see why. I think it was only fitting though that Jeff who wrote nearly all the songs, and Roy who convinced him to join the Move only on the premise that ELO were formed, attended. When I think ELO, I will always think Bev, Richard, Mik and of course Kelly.