Sunday, 30 April 2017

HBO Airs ELO Induction @ ROCKHALL2017

#1,268: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! HBO duly broadcast their flagship Rock & Roll Hall of Fame highlights programme yesterday at 8PM ET (Saturday 29th April) to millions of Americans so that multiple thousands of ELO fans in the US could see the RRHOF induction of Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne for themselves (as well as Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy in absentia) alongside the likes of Journey, Joan BaezYes, Niles Rodgers and Pearl Jam.

The trio of songs performed by Jeff Lynne's ELO on Friday 7th April were all shown with Dhani Harrison's induction speech slotted in between "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Evil Woman" (whereas it preceded the Chuck Berry penned classic on the night) with "Mr. Blue Sky" following.

BGO supremo Michael Laine Hildebrandt was kind enough to send Yours Truly KJS some screenshots of the show overnight from his Lewisville base in Texas and they are included in the above montage. Speaking of montages, Legacy Recordings released a short video on Friday 28th April to congratulate ELO upon their RRHOF induction in advance of the HBO premiere and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) has put together a montage below to echo those sentiments and to remind folks just how successful the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) have been (and continue to be) from their self-titled first album in 1971 a.k.a. "No Answer" to 2015's "Alone In The Universe" thus:

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Robin Return: Roy Wood December Date Confirmed

Dr. Roy Wood at The Robin 2 in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016!
#1,267: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! The Move, ELO and Wizzard founder (and, of course, recent RRHOF inductee) Roy Wood has been confirmed as returning with his Rock 'n' Roll Band for their much anticipated regular Christmas spectacular at The Robin 2 in Bilston near Wolverhampton on Tuesday 12th December. Advance tickets are priced at £20 (plus booking fee) and can be purchased via this link thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends Roy Wood to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneWizzardThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 27-Apr-2017

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Caught Live: Brum Bands Unite @ Birmingham Town Hall 23/04/17

It's turning out to be a significant year for Quill
#1,266: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Since it was announced earlier this year, Yours Truly KJS and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) have been very much looking forward to Brum Bands Unite, a concert in support of the Justice 4 The 21 campaign whilst raising monies for Acorns Children's Hospice on the evening of St. George's Day (Sunday 23rd April) within the iconic surrounds of Birmingham Town Hall. The comic interplay of joint comperes Roger 'Ollie' Spencer and Tom Ross and heartfelt speeches by Julie Hambleton and the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Carl Rice ensured that the music and the message were rightly balanced as the immensely talented array of Brum artistes delivered a fantastic concert to an appreciative audience.

Right from the outset The Inspiration Choir - ably conducted by Bonnie Spencer - made sure proceedings began brilliantly with a lovely rendition of The Beatles' "In My Life" followed not long later by local singer/songwriter Chris Tye, who also impressed upon first hearing particularly with the atmospheric "I Will Be With You" followed by local reggae and lovers rock legend Bitty McLean ensured that the crowd were swaying with "Dedicated To The One I Love".
Roger Spencer, Tom Ross, Chris Tye, The Inspiration Choir and Bitty McLean played their part
There is something infectious and enthusiastic about Dave Scott-Morgan and his Morganisation outfit with their six song stint ensuring that they were more than comfortable on the large stage as they dabbled with tracks from their excellent "Bubbles" album and capped their set with a passionate performance of "21 Today" before Steve Gibbons gave a brief solo cameo (including an enjoyable monologue) with Dylanesque tunes "Sweetheart" and "Bird With No Song". It was almost a case of The Uglys reformed next as Morganisation enjoined with SG for another memorable moment with a duo of songs in tribute to Buddy Holly and a top class take of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone".

Quill arrived on stage as the final act of the night with their thunderous and moody take on "The Bells Of Rhymney" before delivering another sublime set of songs with huge hints of their much anticipated new studio album set alongside an Americana upgrade to their Kite classic "Say It Ain't So", Abby Brant's wonderful talent again displayed during "Can't Find My Way Home" and Joy Strachan-Brain's magical stage presence throughout. Quill continue to blossom on stage with Andy Edwards again providing perfect percussion alongside the smooth vocals of bassist Matt Worley and  violin wizardry of Kate McWilliam. My position on the front row afforded me the opportunity to see the wondrous guitar craft of Tony Kelsey - up close and personal - and appreciate his contribution to a band worthy of a much wider acclaim. This was a wonderful event that will hopefully generate a healthy donation to a worthy cause and much interest with another J4T21 concert set to be confirmed soon at the same venue later this year in November.
Perfect Partnership: Steve Gibbons and Morganisation
The Inspiration Choir performed: "In My Life" ~ "The Rhythm Of Life" ~ "Freedom" + Chris Tye performed: "Feature Fight" ~ "No Sing" ~ "I Will Be With You" + Bitty McLean performed: "Dedicated To The One I Love" + Morganisation performed: "Benediction" ~ "Knower" ~ "Red Rose" ~ "Gibraltar Farm" ~ "Mission Impossible" ~ "21 Today" + Steve Gibbons performed: "Sweetheart" ~ "Bird With No Song" + Steve Gibbons & Morganisation performed: "Hey Buddy" ~ "Words Of Love" ~ "You Can Never Tell" ~ "Like A Rolling Stone" + Quill performed: "The Bells Of Rhymney" ~ "Pretty Ribbons" ~ "Say It Ain't So" ~ "Elephant In The Room" ~ "Can't Find My Way Home" ~ "Perfect Skin" ~ "Winter's Jig" ~ "Say Goodbye" ~ "England" ~ "Jerusalem"

Yours Truly KJS and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) continue to support Justice 4 The 21.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 25-Apr-2017

Friday, 21 April 2017

Six of the Best: New BGO Album + Interview

#1,265: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Yours Truly KJS recently had an extended chat with Bubble Gum Orchestra (BGO) supremo Michael Laine Hildebrandt about his forthcoming as yet untitled new studio album - his sixth - and the follow-up to BGO's heavily ELO and Beatles influenced releases "Out Of This World" (2011), "BGO II" (2012), "The Discovery" (2013), "Beyond Time" (2014) and "Sticky Love Songs" (2016).

KJS: Your last two albums "Beyond Time" and "Sticky Love Songs" have both been well received and have also been cited as an elobeatlesforever (elobf) 'Album of the Year'. What can you tell me about your next album and where you are going with it?
MLH: This entire album has kind of silently snook up on me. It's so refreshing to be working on number six and letting the last one - and everything that came with it - emotionally go. The new one is still classic BGO but, for me, it is very different somewhat musically and song topic wise. It's a much more somber, piano oriented adventure this time. I am totally in love with it. The artwork speaks volumes about BGO VI and, after I finish with the current song I'm working on, I'll be bringing in Les Farrington again (who has worked with BGO before) on vocals. I've also been inspired lately by listening again to several songs from "Beyond Time" (my fourth record) - so much so that I've jumped right back into the studio these past few days with renewed zest! There's no fixed release date and plenty of work still to do in mixing, mastering and making the CD - you know the drill! But what I can say is that I'm really excited about this new album!

KJS@ELOBF will keep you posted regarding BGO VI in due course. In the meantime, you can find out more about Bubble Gum Orchestra (BGO) via their official website thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends Bubble Gum Orchestra (BGO) to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 21-Apr-2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Electric Live Years: An ELO Roll of Honour

#1,264: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Wasn't it great seeing Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne last week together on stage in NYC for their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame investiture as founding members of ELO? It was, of course, unfortunate that both Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy were not also there (for differing reasons) but also affirming in that the Electric Light Orchestra were taking their place alongside their peers and fellow musical legends.

However much I would have loved to hear the names of former members to the ELO story within the speeches made, Yours Truly KJS and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) thought it would be apt and quite appropriate to name as many musicians, contributors and characters who have played their part in ELO (whether in the studio, on stage or elsewhere) and compile them into this roster of 91 names (in alphabetical order) below thus:

Addie Lee ~ Al Quaglieri ~ Amy Langley ~ Andy Craig ~ Bernie Smith ~ Bev Bevan ~ Bill Bottrell ~ Bill Hunt ~ Brian Jones ~ Brie Brandt ~ Carl Wayne ~ Chereene Allen ~ Christian Schneider ~ Colin Owen ~ Colin Walker ~ Craig Fruin ~ David Arden ~ Dave Boruf ~ Dave Scott-Morgan ~ Dennis ~ Denny Bridges ~ Dick Plant ~ Don Arden ~ Donavan Hepburn ~ Douglas Bogey ~ Duane Scott ~ Ellie Greenwich ~ Fred ~ George Harrison ~ Ghislaine ~ Gregg Bissonette ~ Hugh McDowell ~ Iain Hornal ~ Jake Commander ~ Jeff Lynne ~ Jeff Magid ~ Jess Cox ~ John 'Upsy' Downing ~ John Middleton ~ John Richards ~ Kelly Groucutt ~ Laura Lynne ~ Lee Pomeroy ~ Louis Clark ~ Marc Bolan ~ Marc Mann ~ Marcus Byrne ~ Marge Raymond ~ Martin Smith ~ Mary Thomas ~ Matt Bissonette ~ Melanie Lewis-McDonald ~ Melvyn Gale ~ Mick Wilson ~ Mik Kaminski ~ Mike Atkins ~ Mike de Albuquerque ~ Mike Edwards ~ Mike Pela ~ Mike Stevens ~ Milton McDonald ~ Nancy O'Neill ~ Olivia Newton-John ~ Patti Quatro ~ Peggy Baldwin ~ Pete King ~ Peter Ford-Robertson ~ Phil Copestake ~ Phil Hatton ~ Rainer Pietsch ~ Reinhold Mack ~ Richard Tandy ~ Rick Pannell ~ Rick Price ~ Ringo Starr ~ Roger Lebow ~ Rosie Langley ~ Rosie Vela ~ Roy Wood ~ Ryan Ulyate ~ Sandi Lynne ~ Sarah O'Brien ~ Sharon Arden ~ Steve Jay ~ Steve Woolam ~ Susan Collins ~ Suzie Katayama ~ Ted Blight ~ Tom Thiel ~ Trevor Smith ~ Wilfred Gibson

My elder brother Rob introduced me to ELO when I was but a ten year old back in 1977 and ELO were a settled septet at that time. Their membership (whether in the studio or on stage) has expanded and contracted over the years and the idea of this article - published on the 45th anniversary of the live debut of ELO at The Greyhound in Croydon on Sunday 16th April 1972 - is to pay tribute to each and every musician who has played a part in a band whom the late, great Tony Curtis once famously said were (and still are) "the most outstanding rock group in the world today." Many thanx to Messrs. Jet Flynne, Jeff Cooper and John Devitt for filling in the gaps!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 16-Apr-2017

Friday, 14 April 2017

Caught Live: 10cc + Iain Hornal @ Birmingham 12/04/17

10cc: A simply magnificent show at Birmingham's Symphony Hall (Photo: Gary Carolan)
#1,263: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! There are undoubtedly many fans out there who also appreciate the musical machinations of another highly successful act who often shared the charts with ELO during the Seventies: 10cc. It should therefore come as no surprise that their date on Wednesday 12th April in the finery of Birmingham's iconic Symphony Hall was a gig much looked forward to by Yours Truly KJS, especially with a support set by Iain Hornal also on the cards, fresh from his appearance with Jeff Lynne's ELO at their recent RRHOF investiture.

Up first was Iain Hornal with an inspired seven song solo acoustic cameo which showcased six of the best from the excellent new Hornal album "The Game Begins With The Lights Out" (click here for album review) plus "Drop This Song". We look forward to now seeing Iain playing some live dates around the country with a full band in order to further enhance his growing reputation. Having worked with both 10cc and Jeff Lynne's ELOIain's entertaining set was a perfect stepping stone in advance of the arrival of Graham Gouldman and his 10cc troops.

"one of the most memorable concerts that I've had the pleasure of attending"

Next up were, of course, 10cc - and they did not disappoint the full house with an exemplary performance of not only their famed hits but also some of their legendary album tracks. This was truly a polished and professional show by songwriting legend, guitarist and bassist Graham Gouldman and his band, who not only succeeded in bringing their audience to their feet but also genuinely enjoyed themselves and their talents too. The sublime guitar craft of Rick Fenn and keyboard wizardry of Keith Hayman alongside longtime drummer/percussionist Paul Burgess (and a virtual Kevin Godley) were the perfect vehicle to deliver what was one of the most memorable concerts that I've had the pleasure of attending.

The links between 10cc and ELO were strengthened by the presence of Mick Wilson, who was also on stage with Jeff Lynne's ELO for their 2014 Hyde Park spectacular (click here for review) with the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist on top form with his soaring vocals a real highlight. Their eighteen ong set included a magnificent full length rendition of "Feel The Benefit" and, aside from their huge array of hit singles, "Old Wild Men" and "I'm Ready To Go Home" were also impressive. Hearing a pitch perfect "I'm Not In Love" was a fave moment but their wonderful a cappella take on "Donna" surely ran it close. I'm so glad that I was one the 2,263 folks who witnessed this 10cc musical masterclass from the heady heights of the Grand Circle. Truly an awesome gig in the truest sense of the word. Next time they tour ... go see 'em!
10cc were: Keith Hayman, Rick Fenn, Paul Burgess, Graham Gouldman + Mick Wilson
10cc performed: "Wall Street Shuffle" ~ "Art For Art's Sake" ~ "Life Is A Minestrone" ~ "Good Morning Judge" ~ "The Dean And I" ~ "Old Wild Men" ~ "Clockwork Creep" ~ "Feel The Benefit" ~ "The Things We Do For Love" ~ "Silly Love" ~ "Somewhere In Hollywood" ~ "Baron Samedi" ~ "I'm Mandy Fly Me" ~ "I'm Not In Love" ~ "Dreadlock Holiday" ~ "I'm Ready To Go Home" ~ "Donna" ~ "Rubber Bullets"

Iain Hornal performed: "Drop This Song" ~ "Different Places" ~ "Say The Word" ~ "Quit You" ~ "Running Away" ~ "Jennifer" ~ "She Doesn't Have Anyone"

Find out more about 10cc and Iain Hornal via their official websites thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends 10cc & Iain Hornal to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 14-Apr-2017

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Interview: Author John Van Der Kiste (Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song)

#1,262: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! The news that acclaimed author John Van Der Kiste has written a new book on the album career of ELO following on from his excellent biographies of Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne will certainly be of much interest to ELO fans who will likely be joining this writer in eagerly awaiting its publication in early June. Yours Truly KJS recently interviewed John for ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) and asked all kinds of questions including a fair few about “Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song” thus:

KJS: Your books “Roy Wood: The Move, Wizzard and Beyond” and “Jeff Lynne: The Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After” are required reading for fans of The Move, ELO, Wizzard and related artistes. But what inspired you to write your third book, this time about the album career of ELO?
JVDK: It wasn’t me. Honest, guv! Seriously - and firstly, thank you for the kind comments. Fonthill Media, who until recently specialised mostly in history, are now expanding into the music and entertainment field. This is one of the first titles in a series they are commissioning on major acts, focusing on individual songs from each album, including studio and live sets, and in the case of groups, solo releases by every member as applicable. So Jeff, Roy, Kelly, Louis and Michael’s individual works are there too - although I drew a line which excludes The Move, Wizzard, The Idle Race, Violinski et al. There were some hard choices to make. A companion volume on Pink Floyd is due at the same time as mine, and the author, Andrew Wild, sent me a very friendly email recently saying he too is a massive ELO and associated fan. All the best people are!
KJS: “Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song” is an appealing book title. How did you approach the research and decide on the format of each chapter/album?
JVDK: The format was laid down by the series editors, one of whom is a lifelong British prog rock lover. Authors are allowed some leeway, as books tend to shape themselves as they go along, but as ever the watchword is consistency. As for the research, it’s the customary trawling of available printed and on line sources, listening to the records again and with more of an analytical mind than ever before, researching and thinking about them ‘out of the box’. Michael de Albuquerque, who I contacted through a mutual friend (Thanks and Hi Martin Kinch!) was kind enough to send me a few answers to questions about his solo albums, which are extremely hard to find these days and also very poorly documented on the net. It would have been good to talk to the other guys about the music a little, but most of them have been extensively interviewed in recent years and it’s on the internet, and as we know, for various reasons some are not too keen to talking about their ELO days any more.
KJS: Your book undoubtedly will commence with 1971’s “The Electric Light Orchestra” and end with 2015’s “Alone In The Universe”?
JVDK: Indeed.
KJS: There were an awful lot of compilation albums in between - were you tempted at any point to cover some of them too?
JVDK: The original brief was not to feature compilation albums unless they contained previously unreleased tracks unavailable elsewhere. ELO thankfully have not been one of those acts who persistently trap buyers into purchasing another ‘Greatest Hits’ merely to obtain one song they haven’t already got on the other LP's or CD's. I was however asked to cover bonus tracks on recent reissues, and as far as possible additional numbers on overseas editions. (Quite why we can’t have one standard global track listing for every title I don’t know, but that’s another can of worms). ‘Xanadu’ is there, of course, just the ELO songs - and it’s interesting that ‘Drum Dreams’ (as far as I can work out) is the only B-side not to appear on an official group album.
KJS: Have you included “Electric Light Orchestra Part Two” and “Moment Of Truth” in your ELO studio album overview? Was it a difficult choice to include or exclude them given the degree of controversy that Part II can engender, particularly in certain social media forums?
JVDK: Definitely yes. I realise that this can be a divisive one, and I feel those two albums haven’t really worn quite so well over the years. But I saw Part II twice when they were touring in support of each one, and while it seems both are long since deleted and not prime candidates for reissue, they have their good moments. And in any case, as a matter of record (excuse the pun), it’s only fair to give them their due.
John Van Der Kiste has previously written biographies about both Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood
KJS: Have you a personal and least favourite ELO studio album? Which ELO studio album was easiest for you to write about?
JVDK: A difficult choice, but I think my favourite is ‘Eldorado’. The first one was possibly the easiest to write about (and the one about which I could say the most), as it had such an interesting history and every track has a character of its own. I’m aware that some fans don’t care for it (and Bev has not been kind on the subject either), but I find it quirky and fascinating. Unpolished, yes, but still groundbreaking. ‘ELO 2’ took some getting into as well, but I put it into the same category as records like Blind Faith and Traffic albums which went over my teenage head at the time and now sound far better to somebody of my more mature years. My least favourite - some of ‘Secret Messages’ doesn’t really cut it for me. Three years later, the album Jeff & Co. had meant it to be would have fitted on a single CD and my verdict would be very different. But I think Jeff lost something after the strings were replaced by keyboards, and I’m not a fan of the programmed drums which went on nearly everything by everyone in the 80's.
KJS: Is there an extended mention for “Beatles Forever”, “Motor Factory”, the Garden Rehearsals and the aborted “Secret Messages” double album in the book?
JVDK: Absolutely. Your good self supplied some valuable info on these - without which any book on ELO would not be complete!
KJS: What are your hopes and aspirations for “Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song”?
JVDK: That everyone likes it and feels that several months of hard graft have been well worthwhile. As ever I enjoyed the challenge, and while we were asked to add a smattering of personal opinion, I have kept this within bounds. The main aim is to be informative and produce as comprehensive a piece of work in one compact volume as reasonably possible.
KJS: Have you plans for any further ELO or even Beatles related books?
JVDK: ELO, not at the moment, unless any ex-members want a ghostwriter - and somebody from Birmingham would probably do it far better than I ever could. Interestingly, another publisher turned down my Beatles book, partly because I’m not a Scouser! (Despite the name, I come from Devon, although as they say, I'm ‘of Dutch extraction’). Beatles books, none planned - although in a few years something may come along. I do however have a book on Lindisfarne due out shortly, and I'm currently writing a biography of another Birmingham-born megastar. (Clue - he was in the 2004 Hall of Fame ensemble playing alongside Jeff on ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ as seen on YouTube).
KJS: What can you tell me about the launch of the book?
JVDK: I’m going to come on stage with Jeff Lynne’s ELO and play blues harmonica on a few tour dates this year. Dream on … no, nothing planned. Just amazon, Facebook, social media and I expect I’ll crack open a bottle of something appropriate the day I receive my complimentary copies.
KJS: And finally, a question always asked when I’m interviewing for elobeatlesforever (elobf), what are your fave songs by ELO (and, of course, The Beatles)?
JVDK: On the whole, It’s the rockers that really get me going the most. ‘Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle’, ‘Rockaria!’, ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ are sheer magic and hit the spot just as much today as they did at first. I’ve also always adored ‘Twilight’ for that bubbling hook and the explosive bit about two-thirds of the way through with the phasing where it sounds like someone is pushing a complete music shop’s worth of drums over Beachy Head, and the full version of ‘10538 Overture’ for that glorious dense swirling last minute or so where they build on that riff until it fades out. Of the more obscure ones, I love ‘Everyone’s Born To Die’ - it sounds incredibly like Bob Dylan, ‘Blonde on Blonde’ era. ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is wonderful, of course, but it’s a little like ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ - having been played so much over the years, it’s just less fresh than some of the others. As for The Beatles - a much harder choice. I got bored with ‘Hey Jude’ when it was out as it was played to death, but nearly fifty years on it sounds awesome once again. I also love ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, ‘Here Comes The Sun’, and of the lesser-known ones, ‘Old Brown Shoe’ is very overlooked. Spot the George Harrison fan - and can I include ‘What is Life’ (OK, only two Beatles on that one!), which I think one of the most sublime productions ever. Thank you Keith! It’s been lovely to talk about all this!

“Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song” by John Van Der Kiste (Paperback, 144 pages; ISBN-10: 1781556008, ISBN-13: 978-1781556009) is published by Fonthill Media on Friday 28th July and can (at the time of writing) be ordered via this link thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends “Electric Light Orchestra: Song By Song” by John Van Der Kiste to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 09-Apr-2017

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne Light Up ROCKHALL2017

#1,261: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! There was just one thing on my mind as Yours Truly KJS fell asleep last night (Friday 7th April) in advance of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebrations across the pond in Brooklyn and that was that I wanted to see some photographs of ELO co-founding pioneers Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne on stage together at The Barclays Center being inducted into the RRHoF by Dhani Harrison.

We knew that Bev Bevan was not going to be there (being as he was Standin' up and Rockin' with mutual pal Jasper Carrott in Stafford) and we suspected that Richard Tandy might not attend too due to his apparent absence based from the images doing the rounds on social media, hopefully not due to ill health. Seeing Roy and Jeff together on stage was, for me, the real joy.

Jeff Lynne's ELO Dazzles With 'Evil Woman,' 'Mr. Blue Sky' at Rock Hall
Read ELO's Joyful Rock Hall Induction Speeches
Jeff Lynne Recalls ‘Long Road’ to ELO’s Induction Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
ELO Open Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony With Chuck Berry Tribute
Rock Hall 2017: Jeff Lynne personifies class during ELO's induction

Just three songs were performed as Jeff Lynne's ELO opened the proceedings with their familiar take on "Roll Over Beethoven" - an apt tribute to the late, great Chuck Berry - followed by ELO classics "Evil Woman" and quite naturally, of course, "Mr. Blue Sky".

In amongst all of the many images and videos that I woke up to this morning on Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and YouTube, it was the sight of Roy and Jeff together being rewarded for their gallantry with The Electric Light Orchestra that truly said it all for me.

Bravo you Brummie legends!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 08-Apr-2017

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Induction Anticipation: ELO @ ROCKHALL2017

#1,260: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Preparations for Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) to be inducted by Dhani Harrison at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (RRHOF) ceremony tomorrow night (Friday 7th April) in Brooklyn are now nearing completion with footage of both the stage construction at The Barclays Center and Jeff leaving LA en route to New York now appearing online. The golden Gibson guitar used by the ELO maestro during the bands earlier touring years is also now on display at the RRHOF museum in Cleveland.
There appears to be no live streaming planned for the event save for a ticketed streaming party at the RRHOF museum itself. HBO are to broadcast edited highlights of the ceremony on Saturday 29th April at 8PM ET. Subscribers to SiriusXM Radio will also be able to tune and listen to the entire show as it happens.
Fellow ELO founder Roy Wood recently dropped a heavy hint via Twitter on Saturday 11th March stating: "keep following for news! Especially when I get inducted in to the @rockhall How good!" with the RRHoF replying: "See you soon!" a few days later. We already know that Bev Bevan won't be there but we're also hopeful that Jeff's right hand man Richard Tandy will be in attendance too.

Yours Truly KJS and ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) were honoured to play a supporting role in the event following a direct request by organisers in January for high resolution photographs featuring all four RRHoF nominees together in one frame.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 06-Apr-2017

Monday, 3 April 2017

Review: Drawing Horses (Dzal Martin)

#1,259: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Folks who call in regularly here at ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) may recognize Dzal Martin as one of the amazing septet who are The Trembling Wilburys. But there is much more to this in demand guitarist who has been involved in many musical projects down the years including No Dice and Box of Frogs (the latter including former ELO Part II and The Move (ft. Bev Bevan & Trevor Burton) member Neil Lockwood alongside such illustrious names as Jeff Beck, Steve Hackett and Jimmy Page).

Dzal has just released his debut solo album "Drawing Horses" and Yours Truly KJS thought it worthy of a listen based not only on his supreme live guitar work with The Trembling Wilburys but also the personal recommendation of Tony Kelsey, another talented guitarist. "Drawing Horses" is a wonderful record, an eleven song opus which draws on Country, Americana, Blues and Rock elements with a nod to Johnny Cash in not a few places. Catchy opener "The One Who Got Away" instantly impresses and will appeal to both Wilbury and Jeff Lynne admirers with "Drive", "Heaven Help" and the moody "I Can Wait" also sure to please. On the flip side, there are some pensive and lyrically incisive slower numbers in "House For Sale", "Northern Girl" and "Scared" that ooze emotion whilst showcasing Dzal's wide range of guitar craft. "Drawing Horses" is aptly capped by the lovely instrumental "Bob And Paula" to ensure a plethora of variety. This is one of those records that you grow to appreciate after a few plays, my fave being the aforementioned first track. Guitar aficionados will undoubtedly love this album too. I know I did. (9/10)

"Drawing Horses" trax: "The One Who Got Away" ~ "Northern Girl" ~ "Scared" ~ "Drive" ~ "I Don't Need You"  ~ "Heaven Help" ~ "House For Sale" ~ "I Can Wait" ~ "Somebody Left Me" ~ "Operator" ~ "Bob And Paula"

You can find out more about Dzal Martin &/or buy "Drawing Horses" in CD &/or digital format via these links thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends "Drawing Horses" by Dzal Martin to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 03-Apr-2017