Tuesday, 7 March 2017

In Support of Rosie Vela

#1,245: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! The first time that Yours Truly KJS came across Rosie Vela was when I bought her 1986 single "Magic Smile", a Top 30 UK hit from her Top 20 album "Zazu". On either side of "Zazu" (which was largely written by Rosie) was an immensely successful modelling career. Fast forward to 2001 and ELO fans were reading and hearing the same Rosie Vela as to her contribution to certain tracks on "Zoom" and seeing her performing alongside Jeff Lynne in a new look ELO spaceship at CBS Television City for the "Zoom Tour Live" show in advance of a planned US tour, sadly later aborted.

Here in 2017, Rosie is not doing so well. According to an ongoing gofundme campaign entitled Rosie Vela Needs Our Urgent Help! launched by her longtime friends Denice Lewis and Mike KeeslingRosie is very poorly and stranded in Barbados at present with an expired US passport and no funds to repatriate herself. The campaign goal is to raise $11,000 and if it is successful, Rosie will be able to return home to the States to reside with Denice, undergo urgent medical treatment, recuperate and rebuild her life. At first glance, this story does sound unfortunate (if not unbelievable) but nevertheless it is true.

Over the years, elobeatlesforever (elobf) has built a reputation based on independent and trusted sources of information and on that basis currently has no reason to believe that this campaign is bogus. Rosie is a part of the ELO story hence this article. The campaign is also being publicized by my good friend Nicolas Guibert over at elodiscovery.com and Jerry Palovick at A Jeff Lynne And Related Blog.

If enough ELO fans were to donate just $10 each, the campaign would be funded in "No Time". Should you wish to find out more about and/or contribute to the campaign, please click on this link thus:


Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... 07-March-2017


  1. Can anyone confirm this story about Rosie being stranded with an expired visa and is she unwell ?

  2. I would want absolute proof. $10,000 dollars is nothing for the many millionaires Rosie knows. Come on, get real. I dont believe that with connections like Jeff (a seven year relationship after all), would he really abandon her. At least he would ask some of his and her wealthy friends to divvy up a few bucks. What happened to the peace and love they all preach so much?

  3. This is not true, no no no! I used to know Rosanne, was a friend of Jimmy Roberts, her husband. After he died, she made a beeline for New York for her modeling gig. She absolutely knew where she was headed. I called her a few years later, I believe she was with Peter Max at the time, and she suddenly hardly knew who I was. Didn’t want the visit and hurriedly got off the phone. So much for being real.. she also stole a lot of Jimmy’s music and used it as her own. She’s a fake bitch.

  4. Hi, would you by any chance be willing to contact me about this? I have been trying to investigate this whole matter regarding Rosie and would love any insight you might have. If you are open to doing this, please email me at jmbrenn142@gmail.com