Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review: Best of The Trevor Burton Band Volumes 1 & 2

#1,233: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Mention the name Trevor Burton and certain folks will recall his role in the formation of The Move. They might also remember the ill-fated Balls project and perhaps his tenure with The Steve Gibbons Band. Yet, judging from the contents of the newly released compilations "Best Of The Trevor Burton Band Vol. 1" and "Best Of The Trevor Burton Band Vol. 2", there is much more to Trevor Burton that can be found in the recorded career of his self-named band.

If you can get past the tape hiss that permeates the first three tracks on either CD, you will partake of a wonderful cocktail of covers, interpretations and original material befitting the reputation of one of the best (if not undiscovered) guitarists still doing the rounds here in 2017. The trademark vocals of Trevor grace a variety of musical styles which both surprise and leave you nodding in appreciation. In places you can hear early Dire Straits ("Ain't Going Down") or Santana ("River Runs Deep") whereas in others there's a Springsteen ("The Heartache") vibe. The influence of ELO keyboard maestro Richard Tandy shines through in the majority of both albums (taken from "Blue Moons") with his song "Mississippi Nights" also a highlight. Trev's alternative take on Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel" is a triumph with classy Blues permeating the whole affair. Look out for the autobiographical "Hit And Run" and its mention of five Brum lads seeking fame and fortune!
The "Blue Moons" line-up of The Trevor Burton Band featured a certain Richard Tandy
Both volumes of this excellent career overview completely impress upon first listen (and beyond). My personal faves right now are "Buffalo River Home", the aforementioned "Mississippi Nights", the sublime "Mister Fantasy", "When It All Comes Down", "River Runs Deep", "Full Moon On Main Street" and, quite frankly, every other track! Buying an album (or albums) is sometimes a gamble and sometimes a disappointment. Yours Truly KJS is pleased to say that "Best Of The Trevor Burton Band Vol. 1" and "Best Of The Trevor Burton Band Vol. 2" are both worthy investments whilst opening your ears to the legacy of a musician (and his band, past and present) deserving of much more acclaim and attention than is at present afforded him (and them). (10/10).

Copies of both volumes of "Best Of The Trevor Burton Band" are currently on sale at all Trevor Burton Band gigs and also via email at:

The Trevor Burton Band are currently: Trevor Burton (Lead vox/guitars), Maz Mitrenko (Guitars), Derek Wood (Bass) and Phil Brittle (Drums). You can find out more about The Trevor Burton Band - including their gig schedule - via their official website thus:

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends The Trevor Burton Band to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat', The Beatles and related artistes.

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  1. I belatedly came across these compilations quite by accident. Ive been a keen fan of Trevor Burton since I used to watch him almost weekly during the 80s and these releases draw heavily on his set lists from those years. The covers here from artists such as Warren Zevon and John Hiatt are simply superb. The only shortcoming is that the releases are pretty basic - card sleeves and no liner notes or booklets. On the plus side, you can purchase both volumes 1 and 2 for just £15 from the at this current time and for 24 songs of this quality from an artist of this calibre is fantastic. As Mr Sinclair points out, Trevor Burton (and band) deserve much more acclaim than afforded them but if you need convincing these compilations won’t leave you short changed.

  2. I went to see trevor burton band at the coach and horses in west bromwich in the 80s and jbs Dudley mean fiddler London such an isperation to me mesmerized by them have just got double zero album won on eBay must say it was like being back there I think chicken pickin is a testament to them open ended leaving you wanting more as the band allways did for me can't wait to play these cds for the songs not on double zero great band many memorys and homered to have seen them live and partake in there music.