Monday, 15 February 2016

Sundae Club & Bill Hunt: Carlsberg Special Sequel

Bill Hunt has conjured up a follow-up to "The Carlsberg Special" with The Sundae Club and some friends
#1,062: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Here is a little teaser of the latest musical project by ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommended artiste The Sundae Club - including a special message from a certain Bill Hunt thus:

"BILL HUNT is a (still) walking piece of pop memorabilia; a collectors’ item. The only musician, along with the superlative ROY WOOD, to have been in the original line up of both the world renowned ELO and 70’s glam rock chart toppers WIZZARD, who used to wish it could be Christmas every day. In 1972, Bill wrote the 'B' side of the first WIZZARD single, "Ball Park Incident", which sold over 250,000 copies. The original title was to be "The Light Fantastic", but Roy wasn’t so keen, as there was a local Birmingham band of the same name. So unbeknownst to Bill, the band renamed the track "The Carlsberg Special (Pianos Demolished Phone 021 373 4472)". The inclusion of Bill’s home number in the title led to his phone ringing non-stop and double non-stop at the weekends. It seemed that everybody who bought the record had decided to ring the number on the back, out of curiosity. He was forced to change his number. About a year later the same number was allocated to a dear, unwitting, lady pensioner and it started ringing all over again! Carlsberg Special Brew, at 9%, was the band’s then drink of choice - that and rocket fuel! Pianos demolished? This was back in the days of student piano smashing contests - no computer games then - and Bill was following in the footsteps of The Move’s Carl Wayne (TV sets), The Who’s Pete Townshend (guitars) and, of course, The Who’s drummer Keith Moon (anything). The single was launched at The Magic Circle Club (Wizzard - geddit?) in London, the world’s most prestigious magic club. Carlsberg even showed up with crates of their Special Brew!

43 years later, Bill has written the follow up -"EL ORIGINAL BREW". It came to him in a flash! After his early rock band experiences, followed by 30 years in music education, intertwined with a performing and writing career, including a jointly written album with song writing partner Dave Hill, of once rival band Slade - we both think we had the best Christmas single - inspiration struck. It came through his meeting up with Hamstall Ridware and Dr. C. D. Mille of The Sundae Club, to whom he was introduced by his old (well actually a little bit younger than him), school mate Steve Winwood. Ridware and Mille were massive fans of Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and the early ELO style. The seed was sown, the horn was blown.

"EL ORIGINAL BREW" will also be released in a limited edition, vinyl format but we would be happy to sell 250,000 copies like the original. On "Side 2" will be a Sundae Club-ed version of singer-songwriter Will Hunt’s (Bill’s son) homage to Kentish Town, called "Drums & Bass". Will led the Columbia-signed band Dansette Junior, whose single Paranoid has over 1,500,000 hits on YouTube. Ridware and Mille have produced an early ELO type arrangement in the style of "10538 Overture", the first ELO single. This makes the vinyl version probably the only single in history ever to be released as a Double B Side! Bill was most ably assisted up the stairs and in this epic piece of Rock 'n' Roll Re-enactment by…

THE SUNDAE CLUB: the multi-talented and multi-faceted production team of Hamstall Ridware and Dr. C. D. Mille, perfect in planning and execution - from which they were reprieved.

NICK PENTELOW: one of the 2 guys with the most sax appeal in WIZZARD, who spent years down the pit (playing in top London musicals) and now rides alongside Andy Fairweather Low (ex-Amen Corner & Eric Clapton) and The Low Riders.

MILES HUNT & ERICA NOCKALLS: Miles is the singer/songwriter/frontman/raconteur with 80’s & 90’s chart toppers THE WONDER STUFF and was pageboy at Bill’s wedding! Now he can add electric sitar soloist to his long list of continuing accolades. Erica spread sparkling and inventive violin parts all over the track as she does with ‘The Stuffies’, her own EN band and indeed, when Glastonbury-ing with The Proclaimers.

HUGH McDOWELL: ex-ELO & ex-WIZZARD but mainly chief cello and wine consultant.

And a special thanks to the Mystery Drummer."

Yours Truly KJS was privileged to have a listen to "EL Original Brew" (in a Frome car park last year!) and can confirm that it will be well worth the wait for fans of ELO, Roy Wood, Wizzard and - of course - The Sundae Club. Pre-ordering details for both the download and vinyl editions of the single will be published by ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) in the near future.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 15-Feb-2016

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