Thursday, 24 September 2015

Jeff Lynne's ELO: New Single, New Album + Live Dates!

#979: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans duly played, as promised, the brand new Jeff Lynne's ELO track "When I Was A Boy" - taken from the forthcoming new album "Alone In The Universe" - at 7:40AM this morning.

Trax: "Alone in the Universe" ~ "When I Was A Boy" ~ "Love And Rain" ~ "Faultline" ~ "Dirty To The Bone" ~ "When The Night Comes" ~ "Blue" ~ "The Sun Will Shine On You" ~ "Ain't It A Drag" ~ "All My Life" ~ "I'm Leaving You" ~ "One Step At A Time"

The new track is full of those familiar and loved Jeff Lynne trademark melodies, sentimental if not moving lyrics and the trademark production values of the ELO maestro. For Yours Truly KJS, it's another nod to the "Long Wave" days of his boyhood and a homage to the late, great John Lennon.

New single "When I Was A Boy" (you can listen to it here too) is released tomorrow Friday 25th September with "Alone In The Universe" also available to pre-order in download, CD and 180g vinyl formats from the same date via these links thus:
"When I was a boy, I had a dream"
The popular breakfast show experienced a significant surge in listener numbers in anticipation of hearing the new track this morning. The DJ also revealed that said new LP will be released soon (confirmed later as Friday 13th November) via, of course, Columbia Records. The erstwhile One Show presenter also stated that we may even see Jeff Lynne's ELO live performances before Christmas and, of course, during Spring 2016! (Ed.)

In the meantime, don't forget that Jeff will be a guest on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show tomorrow morning - Friday 25th September - between 6:30AM and 9:30AM thus:

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 24-Sep-2015


  1. Definitely not disappointed. Now all is left to wish for is for the mixing to be good; some of the recent "remasters" by Sony sounded very artificial.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Greg ... We expect "Alone In The Universe" to be listed for pre-order by within the next 24 hours. KJS@ELOBF

  3. Very Beatles influenced. I have to listen to it few times. This song won't be like his classic- Don't bring me down, Telephone Lines, Hold On tight etc

    1. I agree, but hope his other songs have more strings to give it that ELO sound.A couple of rockers wouldn`t hurt either.But I`ve heard Jeff played all instruments on this record so who knows?.Just my opinion, but I think the finest song ELO ever did was "Evil woman".Loved it when I was 14, still the best song I`ve heard at 54.. cheers.

  4. Will be the lead off song for keiths show on Hamilton radio. at 10 am est this friday.

  5. Messiah´s back! What a lovely tune,so simple and so beautiful. Just like The Beatles.......;-)

  6. R u still alive mate? If yes, send an email. Hope you are well. Just google my name & you will find me😊 DJG Designs