Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sony Surprise: Roll Over Beethoven (OrKestra)

From All At Once to an Epic moment
#846: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! If we discount the recent mega-merges between such former heavyweight labels as Sony, BMG, Warner, Universal and EMI, there have been relatively few instances where there have been albums released on the same record label by both ELO and its offshoots ELO Part II, OrKestra and The Orchestra.

The only examples that came to mind were (a) the Telstar releases of "The Very Best Of The Electric Light Orchestra" (1989) and "Electric Light Orchestra Part Two" (1991), (b) the Dino releases of OrKestra's "Beyond The Dream" (1991) and "The Very Best Of The Electric Light Orchestra" (1994) and (c) the Disky budget compilations of EMI's early ELO catalogue (1996) and their reissue of ELO Part II's "One Night - Live In Australia" 2CD set (1999).
For 'Croucutt' please read 'Groucutt'
But last week, Yours Truly KJS stumbled across the ultimate example of an common label co-issue on eBay"Roll Over Beethoven" by OrKestra (the post-ELO vehicle of Kelly Groucutt and Mik Kaminski) was originally released in 1993 via All At Once Records (#AAO9082) featuring a significant portion of tracks from their debut album "Beyond The Dream" (1991).

I was surprised to learn that Sony BMG had reissued "Roll Over Beethoven" (#82796942778) on their Epic label in 2007 with new packaging complete with bar code, an alternative sleeve colour and the rather unfortunate misspelling of 'Groucutt' as 'Croucutt'! You may recall that Epic were, of course, the official label of ELO/Jeff Lynne from 1985 up until 2012.
OrKestra & ELO shared the same 'Legacy' back in 2007?
The above release gives us the strongest - if not the rarest - of connections between ELO and one of its closest musical relatives OrKestra. For me it was, quite literally, a most exciting "Discovery"!

NOTE: I have since been advised that this is a counterfeit Russian release from 2013/2014. The catalogue number is the same as the 2007 "Balance Of Power" expanded issue! I have not deleted this article to show you that I am not infallible and that nobody is immune from being "Caught In A Trap" ...

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 05-Feb-2015

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