Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Channel 4 Coverage of the 57th Grammy Awards

The snubbing of Jeff Lynne's ELO by Channel 4 was even more baffling when you consider the above stats
#852: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Perhaps it should not come as a complete surprise that a certain band - who initially struggled to gain recognition in their home country but then found commercial success in the United States - found history repeating itself last night (Monday 9th February) as both Channel 4 and its subsidiary channel 4Music both failed to include four minutes of coverage of the amazing live TV performance of a resurgent Jeff Lynne's ELO (with a little assistance from current golden boy Ed Sheeran) at the 57th Grammy Awards in LA on Sunday night.

Two programmes of four hours length with an unbelievable assortment of multiple advertisement breaks left out what many of our American friends who saw the broadcast live on CBS unanimously stated was the highlight of the show. When you compare this with the professional and expansive coverage of the BBC of Jeff Lynne's appearance at BBC Children In Need Rocks in 2013 and, of course, that amazing Hyde Park spectacle in 2014, there really is no comparison.

Channel 4 (and by extension 4Music) please take note. This was an epic fail on your part as you missed a golden opportunity to excel. You disappointed a whole host of viewers who waited patiently hoping to see some footage of Jeff Lynne with Ed Sheeran and friends. Note that our friends in Ireland and France did see the aforementioned footage.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 10-Feb-2015


  1. Keith - the 4:08 sec. clip you show attached is really all there was to the performance - an abbreviated Evil Woman, followed by Mr. Blue Sky - there might be a second or two missing from the intro/ending, but this is all we saw in the States, too.

    Colleen Bell
    Baltimore, MD USA

  2. Colleen ... Good day to you! The 4:08 clip was not broadcast at all here in the UK. You were blessed to see it in the US on live TV. That was the reason for writing this particular article. KJS@ELOBF :-)

    1. Sorry, Keith! My initial "American English" interpretation was that you thought the Beeb had *abbreviated* the 4 min broadcast...not eliminated it altogether!

      B'more, MD

    2. No problem Colleen! Great to have you aboard! KJS :-)

  3. They often do abbreviated songs on awards shows. It was just great to see ELO introduced to a new generation (and Sir Paul wasn't the only one dancing and singing along). I just want to see a new album and a U.S. tour!

  4. Seriously, so one should be severely reprimanded for this major error. Foolhardy and completely out of tune with British music lovers.

  5. A disgrace to do that to a U.K.legendary group by a U.K.TV channel

  6. Hi keith,ive just read this article, and i,too are disgraced with the bbc (again)..the bbc arnt as they used to be,it's disgraceful that a Birmingham born world class artist (Jeff Lynne )isn't broadcast in his own land,to his own people,friends,and family...