Thursday, 4 April 2013

ELO & Jeff Lynne in Red, White & Blue + Trax

#520: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Our friends over at Plastic Head have just confirmed the track listings and vinyl colouring (whilst also mimicking the limited edition red, white and blue offerings of "Olé ELO" celebrating the US bicentennial in 1976) for the first 1,000 copies (reverting to black thereafter) of their trio of ELO/Jeff Lynne 140g double album (2LP) releases via Let Them Eat Vinyl/Plastic Head on Monday 27th May thus:

"Armchair Theatre" (LETV098LP) will be released in BLUE vinyl thus:
(A1) "Every Little Thing" ~ (A2) "Don’t Let Go" ~ (A3) "Lift Me Up" ~ (A4) "Nobody Home" ~ (B1) "September Song" ~ (B2) "Now You’re Gone" ~ (B3) "Don’t Say Goodbye" ~ (C1) "What Would It Take" ~ (C2) "Stormy Weather" ~ (C3) "Blown Away" ~ (C4) "Save Me Now" ~ (D1) "Borderline" (Bonus) ~ (D2) "Forecast" (Bonus)

"Zoom" (LETV097LP) will be released in WHITE vinyl thus:
(A1) "Alright" ~ (A2) "Moment In Paradise" ~ (A3) "State Of Mind" ~ (A4) "Just For Love" ~ (B1) "Stranger On A Quiet Street" ~ (B2) "In My Own Time" ~ (B3) "Easy Money" ~ (B4) "It Really Doesn’t Matter" ~ (B5) "Ordinary Dream" ~ (C1) "A Long Time Gone" ~ (C2) "Melting In The Sun" ~ (C3) "All She Wanted" ~ (C4) "Lonesome Lullaby" ~ (D1) "One Day" (Bonus) ~ (D2) "Turn To Stone" (Bonus)

"Live" (LETV096LP) will be released in RED vinyl thus:
(A1) "Evil Woman" ~ (A2) "Showdown" ~ (A3) "Secret Messages" ~ (B1) "Livin’ Thing" ~ (B2) "Sweet Talkin’ Woman" ~ (B3) "Mr. Blue Sky" ~ (C1) "Can’t Get It Out Of My Head" ~ (C2) "Twilight" ~ (C3) "Confusion" ~ (D1) "Don’t Bring Me Down" ~ (D2) "Roll Over Beethoven" ~ (D3) "Out Of Luck" (Bonus) ~ (D4) "Cold Feet" (Bonus)

All three of the above LTEV/Plastic Head releases can be ordered via these links thus:

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 04-Apr-2013

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  1. All three 2LP's remain highly sought after, often for silly money these days! KJS@ELOBF