Monday, 5 September 2011

Remembering Steve Midgley

#241: One of the benefits of social media is having the opportunity to 'meet' and dialogue with people who normally would never cross your path for a variety of reasons. Back in 2010 - via a mutual Facebook 'friend' - and as a result of our shared interests in the song construction and compositions of Jeff Lynne (ELO) and our mutual respect for Kelly Groucutt as well as an appreciation of several music genres - Yours Truly KJS connected with musical maestro and virtuoso Steve Midgley.

Steve Midgley: 27th December 1979 to 5th September 2011

Throughout the last year we have 'chatted' and dialogued on his musical history; his current musical projects and life in general. Steve - a self-avowed 'wiccan' - was a humorous and enigmatic person with his fair share of issues. Although we had differing world views; we shared a mutual catalogue of bad jokes and puns w.r.t. Cliff Richard and often discussed other thorny topics.
Steve (above left) was a producer and multi-instrumentalist who - besides being a solo and group artiste in The Lounge LIZZards - had recorded some ELO related material both individually ("Sweet Talkin' Woman") - Please check out the above ELOBF 'YouTube' tribute, with Sean Mack Page ("Oh No Not Susan") and Andy Wood (above centre)("Between Good Friends") amongst others.

He had a great desire to reinterpret some of those ELO classics that he loved. He asked me a few times to help him find a cellist or violinist! But after all that time we spent 'talking' on Facebook chat and the ensuing email correspondence, I now regret that I didn't pick up the telephone to talk to or meet up with him. We had more than one common thread. 

I was so very deeply saddened and indeed shocked to learn today that Steve passed away this morning at the age of just 31 years. It is my personal belief that a fitting tribute to Steve would be to remember his own musical craft; his wit; willingness to share his gifting as well as his love of the Electric Light Orchestra. My condolences and sympathies are extended to Steve, his family and many, many friends.

Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... Monday 05-Sep-2011


  1. James Eden left this comment [I accidentally pressed the Delete instead of the Publish button - apologies]:

    "I knew Steven from the age of 9 or 10 when we played violin together at Nevilles Cross, becoming good friends over a common love of Beatles songs...I considered him one of (if not) my best friend throughout early comprehensive school, after losing touch with him from the mid 90s after he left school until last year through facebook, I was saddened to hear of his death just a few days ago, especially as he suggested we meet up so he could provide piano chords for a music project I was working on. A genuinely nice guy who will be missed by many. R.I.P."

  2. I loved Stee to bits . Always did . And im greiving for him . Never entered my head hed go ... Although he told me many times hed die young . I dismissed the thought . He was alott like Kurt cobain . Mad geniouse . I still have his ring that i kept . And memories good and bad . But in all I never stopped Loving him dont suppose ever will:-(

  3. When i think of you i think of a song " Vincent " thats my tribute to you Starry Starry Night . Love you forever