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Review (2): EarthRise (Morgan/Tandy)

#239: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! My good friend DJ Shaz Pratt - who is the host of The Light Shines On Radio Show over on Radio Backtrack and a general all round ELO fanatic par excellence - has produced an accurate and complete analysis/review of the original and re-issue formats of "Earthrise" by Morgan Tandy (otherwise known as Dave Scott-Morgan & Richard Tandy). It's so good that she has given me permission to publish it here at ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) for you to peruse thus: "I awoke today to find my copy of "Earthrise" sitting on my floor, begging for me to open it and play it!  It's all nicely signed on the front by Dave and Richard, as promised. This CD comes in a cardboard DigiPak with a booklet. Here are my observations against this edition and my Prestige Edition from 1992. Firstly, here are the track listings from both CD's, notice the differences:

Prestige 1992 Edition
[1] Spaceship Earth; [2] Earthrise; [3] Under The Blue/Asteroid; [4] Suddenly; [5] Escape From The Citadel; [6] One Thousand Worlds; [7] Zero Zero; [8] Third Planet; [9] Ria; [10] Princeton; [11] Pictures In My Pillow; [12] The Secret

Rock Legacy 2011 Special Edition
[1] Spaceship Earth; [2] Earthrise; [3] Under The Blue/Asteroid; [4] Starclipse/Purpose; [5] One Thousand Worlds; [6] Escape From The Citadel; [7] Third Planet; [8] Suddenly; [9] Princeton; [10] Wheels; [11] Caesar Of The Galaxy; [12] The Secret; [13] Zero Zero. Bonus Tracks: [14] Pictures In My Pillow; [15] Ria [Backing]; [16] Starclipse [Outmix]

Now you will notice from this that tracks are in a different order, plus there are three tracks listed as part of the actual album, that aren't on the Prestige version. "Caesar Of The Galaxy" was actually on the original vinyl edition [that I shall list later] - but was deleted off of the Prestige CD version - so this is the first time this track has appeared on CD; which is great news. The other two tracks "Starclipse/Purpose" and "Wheels" must have been envisaged to be a part of the original album, but got edited out at the last minute. It's a shame cause they are both great tracks. Also, notice on the Special Edition that "Pictures In My Pillow" is listed as a bonus track but is a bona fide album track on the Prestige version. "Ria" doesn't appear in its original form on the Special Edition at all, but we do get to hear the 'Backing' version as a bonus track - which which is a shame. I do love this 'Backing' track version but now feel the need to make up my own definitive "Earthrise" with all the tracks included in one place. The last of the bonus tracks is the 'Outmix' of "Starclipse" - one of the tracks that has been added to this album but again doesn't feature on any previous releases, so this is also a very interesting track to have. The other major observation you will find from listening to the beginning of this album on both these CD's is that the opening is different! This makes each version of "Starship Earth" actually different! OK ... here is the track listing for the original vinyl release:

[1] Earthrise; [2] Under the Blue/Asteroid; [3] Suddenly; [4] Escape From The Citadel; [5] Caesar Of The Galaxy; [6] One Thousand Worlds; [7] Spaceship Earth; [8] Zero Zero; [9] Third Planet; [10] Ria; [11] Princeton; [12] Pictures In My Pillow; [13] The Secret

As you can see here, "Spaceship Earth" was not the original opening track - until the CD re-release. This one also has "Pictures On My Pillow" as a bona fide album track, whereas the new Special Edition does not. So there you have it, my observations on the new Special Edition. The sound quality of this new CD is amazing, I am now playing it for the second time today and will be featuring one of the previously unheard tracks on my Radio Show this coming Sunday (and beyond)."

Yon can catch Shaz on her radio show from 3:00PM to 7:00PM every Sunday. Please click on these two links to read more about ShazELO show and/or my recent review of "Earthrise" here at ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) thus:

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 12-Aug-2011

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