Wednesday, 20 April 2011

For The (New World) Record: Secret Messages

#208: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Yours Truly KJS has recently updated the summary overview for ELOBF and wanted to provide a brief history for those electric lightened souls who may be interested thus:

"ELO Beatles Forever was originally launched in February 2009 to campaign for the release of the original, full 18-track version of ELO's seminal 1983 album 'Secret Messages' including that long-lost gem 'Beatles Forever'. ELOBF has now expanded in scope to also include news on all things ELO; highlighting those links with its progenitors The Beatles and The Move whilst also reporting on ELO's many incarnations; friends; relatives and interested parties!"

Yours truly decided to launch this blog on Monday 2nd February 2009 because I had a long standing desire to see ELO's 1983 album "Secret Messages " issued in its originally intended double album format. Back in 1983, most us had the the choice to buy either the ten track LP or eleven track cassette. In the ensuing years, we've seen the release of six of those 'missing' tracks that would have been a part of that deleted double album via the likes of "Afterglow" (1990) and the expanded CD release of "Secret Messages" (2001).

Which leaves us with the only missing piece of the jigsaw in "Beatles Forever" which has yet to see the (official) light of day, so to speak. I have always been fascinated by this song and the very rough recording of it that has been in circulation for years. And that was the original reason for starting up ELOBF - to raise awareness of the track and to (and I use the term lightly) 'campaign' for SonyBMG to release the full "Secret Messages" set. However, very soon after ELOBF was launched, we had the tragic death of Kelly Groucutt occur and thereafter my blog has expanded in scope on many levels for multiple reasons.

ELOBF now also includes the activities of Jeff Lynne, former members and associates of ELO (including ELO Part II, The Orchestra, The Move et al), interviews, CD and DVD reviews, gig reviews and even an internet radio show! ELOBF also tries to showcase local, national and international bands who dip their toes into the ELO and Beatles universe. Hence, having the blog name ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) also serves to highlight and promote the very strong personal (and musical) relationship that exist between ELO and The Beatles - whilst also seeking the completion of the "Secret Messages" story.

I do not know if ELO maestro Jeff Lynne is even aware of ELOBF but I do know this. If he and/or SonyBMG do decide one day to present us with the full "Secret Messages" release, I will be over the moon and extremely happy. But if we therefore never see "Beatles Forever" officially unveiled to the world, I will be ultimately disappointed but not downhearted because ELOBF is so much more here in 2011 than when it began, over 50,000 visits ago. And for that I am thankful to any and all visitors to KJS@ELOBF - because I honestly never expected such growth and diversification. Many thanx for your interest and support!

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 20-Apr-2011


  1. Good work! Keep the light shining!


  2. I also hope for the Double release, but hope they leave out Beatles Forever, its too embarrassing for an ELO fan.