Saturday, 6 February 2010

New Phil Bates Project: Wheels of Fire (with Mark Stanway)

#88: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! My good friend Christian 'No Cause For Alarm' Evans has just informed me of yet more exciting news. His senses really are working overtime! That news is that Phil Bates of ELO Part II and now The Orchestra (former members of ELO & ELO Part II) fame is launching a new musical project:

"Phil Bates wants to tell everyone about my new project, a band called Wheels Of Fire, which is a sort of tribute to the great guitarists of the 60's/70's etc. Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Green and whoever else takes my fancy. Joining me in this project are Magnum keyboardist Mark Stanway (Whitmore Reans Cons!) and original Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker. Still to decide on a bass player. Look at my website for details. First gigs are The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield on (Sunday) 30th May and The Robin 2, Bilston on (Friday) 6th August. Hope to see some of you there. This band doesn't affect my involvement with The Orchestra or Beatles, Blues and Blue Violin."

ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) recommends Wheels Of Fire to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO/Jeff LynneRoy WoodThe Move'Brum Beat'The Beatles and related artistes.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 06-Feb-2010

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