Friday, 12 June 2009

Video Vault: The Great ELO Mystery

#37: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! I was neither old enough or lucky enough to ever see an ELO concert with Jeff Lynne in the line-up. So when I picked up a copy down in Weston-Super-Mare of a copy of The Daily Mirror one day back in April 1991 and saw an advert for not only a new ELO single ~ "Honest Men" ~ and album but also a UK tour together with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra [MSO], I was thrilled.

I do remember going to the gig at the NEC in Birmingham on Tuesday 28th May 1991 and being totally enthralled with hearing ELO's [old and new] music live and for the first time ever and with the full backing of an eighty [80] piece orchestra too. Yours Truly KJS also remembers watching highlight of the concert on ITV that year and also buying this video of concert highlights released by Telstar Video Entertainment [#TVE1037]:
Well overdue a DVD release: ELO Part II live with The Moscow Symphony Orchestra [1991] ...
There are not that many official ELO/ELO Part II concerts video &/or DVD releases about. To my knowledge; besides the above ELO2/MSO release; there is the "Fusion" video [Pickwick; #PTR2152], multiple re-packages of the "Out Of The Blue" 1978 'spaceship' charity concert [the one introduced by Tony Curtis], the "Discovery" promotional film, the ELO Part II "Access All Areas" rockumentary [1997] and, of course, the "Zoom Tour Live" DVD [2001].
The best-selling "Zoom Tour Live"DVD [2001] ...
I have never understood why we have never seen a definitive ELO music video collection released by Sony or that fantastic concert with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra released on DVD [Telstar went bust and I don't know who currently holds the rights to that recording]. It seems to this writer that the ELO video and/or DVD back catalogue is threadbare compared to their other media releases. They must hold the record for the most audio compilations released - beating even The Beatles and Elvis! Besides looking forward to seeing a full '"Secret Messages" release in its originally intended format ~ including "Beatles Forever" [of course!] ~ I like to think that it would be worth lobbying Sony for a video hits release and also investigating what happened to the ownership of the Telstar/ELO II concert video.

"Do Ya" agree with me? Do you have anything to add to this discussion? Or am I a seventies refugee anorak on the wrong side of 40? Answers on a postcard? Most probably ...
Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... 12-June-2009


  1. Good point Keith especially as there are loads of stuff on youtube which needs an official release.
    Keep up the good work on your site.

  2. ...and if the ELO Pt.2/MSO concert were to be released on DVD etc. it would be nice to see the full version. The VHS version omitted Eldorado Overture/Can't Get It Out Of My Head but was included in the 2 part version shown on UK TV.