Thursday, 11 June 2009

All Music & Lyrics by Jeff Lynne

#36: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! There are two pieces of Jeff Lynne's lyrical ELO prose that have always made my hair stand on end whenever Yours Truly KJS has heard them. For some reason, these words from 1974's "Eldorado Overture" and 1981's "Prologue" really resonated with me as young person ... and they still do thus:
Eldorado Overture
The dreamer, the unworken fool,
In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow,
The love of ages fills the head,
The days that linger there in prey of emptiness,
Of burned out dreams,
The minutes calling through the years,
The universal dreamer rises up above his earthly burden,
Journey to the dead of night,
High on a hill in Eldorado ...

Just on the border of your waking mind,
There lies ... another time,
Where darkness & light are one,
And as you tread the halls of sanity,
You feel so glad to be,
Unable to go beyond,
I have a message,
From another time ...
A lot a people rightly laud the musical genius of Jeff Lynne. But I have to admit that as a boy and a young man, dare I say it - a teenager, I was always inspired and a huge fan of the lyrics employed by Jeff Lynne in not a few of his ELO song compositions. There was something that caught my imagination with ELO's two amazing concept albums "Eldorado" and "Time" ... especially these two opening tracks. I wonder, was it the same for you?
Until next time in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... 11-June-2009


  1. it has a nice meaning...and i like this lines..:)
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  2. Saviour of the night came slowly on the silent river
    And the lord of life came following, his sins to be forgiven
    While the world sat back and laughed away the hours
    Till the dawning of the daybreak

    I heard them laugh I heard them cry
    I saw them praying to the sky
    I heard the wind howl in the trees
    Down there on bended knee
    And I see the light
    But I know I must be dreaming

    Feel the soul, quiet emotion
    Sail on by, helpless devotion
    If that's how it feels, it better be real

    Take care of your woman
    Or you'll never ever see the light
    Take heed of the warnin'
    Or you know it's gonna be too late

    Here, There, Everywhere
    They keep on movin' without fear
    They look me up, they look me down
    They press my body to the ground
    But I see the light, see the light it's comin' shinin'

    And on a Summers day
    When thoughts are drifting far away
    And life is good and real to see
    My world is saved and I am free
    But in the night
    Still I know I must be dreaming